Whether you’re brand new to fake tan or looking for some hints and tips to make yours better, you’ve come to the right place! For years I used sunbeds, trying to achieve that ultimate flawless tan, but after reading about the horrible side-effects, I decided it was time to turn to false tan. This was something I’d never done until around 1 year ago. It wasn’t until a friend recommended some products to me I then bit the bullet and applied some tan to my face and arms to test the waters.

It’s actually weird how nervous you get on your first time, I generally thought I’d wake up looking like an umpa lumpa, but instead, I was presently surprised at A. how easy tanning is, and B. how god damn good I looked. So what do I do? How do I achieve a natural, flawless tan that remains subtle and masculine? Let me tell you a few secrets…



It all starts off with the prep! The prep as in what you do to your body before you self-tan. I make sure I have a good cleanse in the shower and there’s nothing better than the Anthony Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub from MaleSkin to remove any dead skin cells and dirt. It’s so important to exfoliate because the tan will lock onto your skin better, creating a perfect base for the product. It’s important to do this around 24 hours before you tan, so I tend to do this on a Saturday night/Sunday morning before tanning on Sunday night. I also use an exfoliating glove with this. My current favourite is this one below by Soap & Glory. Top tip! Pay attention to your elbows, knees, feet and anywhere that’s a little rough.



After you’ve exfoliated and cleaned, I then moisturise my whole body with a fragrance-free lotion like this one here from E45. It’s totally simple and none booshy, but it does the job! The reason for this is fake tan will cling to any dry areas, meaning after a few days of having tan on you’ll start to see discoloration as it wears off in different areas at different rates. Make sure moisturise 2 hours before you tan otherwise it will all slip off your skin if it’s not dry! Top tip: apply extra lotion around your elbows, fingers, knees and toes!



So that’s all the prep work complete and it’s time to find the perfect tan for you. I don’t use foam based tans because I feel they sometimes leave a scaley effect. Instead, I LOVE this Vita Liberata Self Tanning Lotion which leaves a smooth, perfect coverage across your body with no transfer, smell or stickiness. If you haven’t tried this product yet I HIGHLY recommend it. And it’s only £15!



Finally the application. Before I apply the tan, I add a touch of moisturiser to the ends of my fingers and elbows to avoid that orange look! I always recommend investing in a high-quality mitt, because it doesn’t half make the difference! Add tan to the mitt small amounts at a time and start from the bottom of your body upwards, working the tan into your skin with light, circular motions. Men – if it starts to clog around your hairy areas, use the back of the mitt to rub over your hairs then go back to the soft side buffing it into your skin. Keep going up your body and take it slow!



Once you’ve covered your body in tan and it’s looking fun and fresh, use a hairdryer on the cool mode to blow over your body helping it dry. I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably throw on Netflix and sit in my boxer shorts for half an hour to an hour letting the tan dry before bed. When I wake up, I jump in the shower to generally wash off any of the excess tan and ta-daaaaa! You’re done!



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