It’s Sunday evening and I’m ready to have that weekly 1 on 1 ritual with myself. Yes, it’s time to clip those nails, pluck those brows, apply a touch of tan and maybe a facemask or two depending on how my skins looking. I’ve been doing my Sunday night ritual for as long as I can remember, and I’ve highlighted products from this couple of hours of pampering on The G Edit so, so many times. But I’m back again with some more goodies from MMUK. Frequent readers will know how much I love this brand. I’m so lucky to work with the guys at MMUK, and a brand that I actually adore. I try a lot of their products but I have today 3 that have I can’t get enough of.



MMUK After Shave Cooling Tonic

So first of all with my Sunday night ritual, I tidy up my beard with a wet shave, removing all of the stubble around my neck and top of my cheeks. I tend to use a shaving foam for this, it gives me the best contact between my skin and the shaver. Once I’m all tidied up, I’ll apply the After Shave Cooling Tonic to ensure there’s no shaving rash and my skin is super hydrated and nourished ready for Monday. This lightweight formula is perfect for those like me who tend to get redness around the neck. My stupid skin has always been sensitive when I shave, but this really helps reduce any irritation and soreness.



MMUK Brutal Buffering Energising Scrub

Next, it’s time to fake tan! And I’m actually going to be doing a separate post on tanning for men so keep an eye out for that! But, before I tan, my skin must be prepared and what better way to exfoliate than with the Brutal Buffering Energising Scrub. It’s actually one of many exfoliators I use, however, the MMUK range has quickly come into my top products for tan prepping. It does a great job at removing any dry skin or leftover tan from the previous application. There’s nothing better than a super smooth canvas before you apply your fresh layer before the week ahead. To get the best results, soak in the bath for 10-15 minutes first, then exfoliate a section at a time, arms, then legs, then stomach, then back/shoulders. Once exfoliated, ensure your body is all dry and apply moisturiser to your body, especially you nuckles, elbows, knees and hands!



MMUK Triple Mission Face Moisturiser

Finally, on Monday morning once I’ve washed off the tan from the previous night, my skin is looking good and I’m ready for once last product. The Triple Mission Face Moisturiser is the key to a long-lasting, healthy glow. It contains Squalane, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil and Hyaluronic Acid – perfect for locking in the hydration throughout the day. I know that sometimes around 4-5pm I can get dry areas in my face where some moisturisers have dried out, but this one literally gives me that lightweight moisture all day.


What are your Sunday Night pampering products? I’d love to know your reccomendations.


A huge thank you to the MMUK Team for supporting this editorial.


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