As a lot of you OG readers will know, my skin is very troublesome at times to say the least. Finding the right products to help cure my acne was basically the foundation of this blog, and still to this day it remains one of the top performing categories! Although after almost 5 years of testing and trialing products, my skin is still temperamental, but it’s far from what it use to be.

There’s only so much you can do with your skin when it comes to products, medicine and general care. Unfortunately, I work in a stuffy office. I go to a sweaty gym 3 times a week. I don’t have the best diet in the world. But…. never the less, skincare still plays a hugely important role in keeping my skin protected and kinda blemish free.

Today, I’m talking about a brand that I’ve only just recently discovered thanks to the wonderful guys at Make Skin has helped me shape my skincare with their professional advice, helping me source products that are ideal for my skin type and problems. ZIRH Skincare was founded in 1995, and since then aims to create quality products that are designed specifically for men. They include state of the art formulations that have taken years to perfect, with some of the finest ingredients in skincare. Let’s just say I was VERY excited to try this out when it first arrived at my door.



Their 4 step system is designed to cover every aspect of male facial care, from exfoliation to soothing and protecting. Exfoliation is essential, especially for someone like me who spends the majority of their week cooked up in a hot office. Mild exfoliators help remove dirt and grime that’s built up during the day. Exfoliating can often leave the skin a little sensitive, so the ZIRH Scrub contains aloe vera to counteract this. It’s designed to get the skin back to its natural PH levels. I found out when I was treating my back acne that natural products like aloe vera, salt and vinegar are all properties that help balance these levels out, resulting in less redness, blemishes and a more even skin tone.

Once your skin is exfoliated, it’s time to clean away all of the left over product and any other dirt that may still be latched to the skin. This is where the ZIRH Clean comes into play. This product is designed to bring oxygen to the cells using a unique formula, encouraging cell renewal and skin stimulation. I really like using this product in the evening as it leaves a freshness to my face before bed. There’s nothing better than feeling super clean as you rest your head on your pillow!



Finally, you’re ready to protect your skin. It’s important cleaning and exfoliating but it’s imperative you lock in the goodness with a quality hydrator. The ZIRH Protect Environmental Defence Moisturiser is ideal for both morning and evening, encouraging elasticity and locking in moisture for hours. It sinks right into the skin without looking sticky or dewy. A great investment for your skincare routine.

If you’re like me who has a tidy up around the beard every morning, theres a product I definitely recommend. Again for anyone who has been reading The G Edit for a while, you’ll know I’m super picky when it comes to shaving balms. I get horrific razor rash so I need a product that will instantly reduce the redness and sooth the skin for the day. The ZIRH Soothe Post Shave Gel is a winner! Super comforting and reduces redness instantly. I recommend using this on a morning and evening, to really give the skin around your neck that ultimate care and protection.



The first step to choosing the right skincare is understanding your own skins requirements. For people with blemish prone, combination to normal skin, the ZIRH range is absolutely ideal. To discover more about ZIRH products, click here.


A huge thank you to the Male Skin Team for sponsoring this editorial.


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