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A few years ago Men and makeup didn’t go in the same sentence but fast forward to 2018, we’re more and more conscious of our appearance and purchasing products to ensure we’re looking our best. The Men’s makeup industry is booming, and Men gay and straight are now purchasing makeup for various reasons. To cover blemishes, even their skin tone, accentuate their features or hide insecurities. Whatever the reason may be, I’ve got some seriously good products below, what they are, what they do and why you may want to use them.


Application: Apply with your finger or stick

Probably one of the most common and popular products for men. Concealer. And what does it do? It simply conceals imperfections and hides blemishes, dark circles, spots, scars… you name it, anything you want covering up a concealer will do the job. It’s basically designed to colour correct and match the natural tone of your skin. If you’re someone like me who’s prone to the odd blemish, this is the product you’re looking for. Concealers are also great if you’re waking up after a bad hangover but you’ve got to leave the house! I tend to put a bit of concealer under my eyes to make myself look a little lively. This one, in particular, is the MMUK Concealer Stick which allows easy and accurate application!


BB Cream

Application: Apply with your finger

BB stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, which is a hybrid between a foundation and moisturiser. This is a great product if you have redness or uneven skin tone as it’s designed to make your skin look naturally smooth and colour corrected. They’re designed to oxidise on application and match your natural tone. For someone who doesn’t want to look like they’re wearing makeup, this is perfect for you. It’s very very very subtle and gives you a dose of hydration as well as a light coverage. I tend to use BB Creams in the Summer too as they’re great in the warmer weather. The one above is the MMUK Age Defence Blemish Balm, with added anti-aging benefits.




Application: Apply with your finger or brush

Foundation is a combination of the two above. It’s designed to even your skin tone, hide insecurities but the texture is a lot thicker and heavier. This is great for people who want to hide bad acne scarring, skin imperfections or severe redness. It’s designed to create an even, uniform colour to the skin’s complexion. They can also come in different forms of coverage depending on the person and the look they want to achieve.

Sheer is the most transparent and contains the least amount of pigment. This formula won’t hide imperfections or uneven skin tone. The formula pigment is about 8–13% of the finished formula.

Light can cover unevenness and slight blotchiness but is not opaque enough to cover freckles. It contains 13–18% pigment.

Medium can cover more prominent imperfections and is usually combined with concealer and powder. It contains 18–23% pigment.

Full coverage is very opaque and used to cover birthmarks, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, and scars. It contains up to 35% pigment, though other brands can contain up to 50% pigment.

The one in the picture below is the MMUK Foundation For Men, which is a light-medium coverage.



Application: Apply with a brush

Now since I have the worlds most combination skin, I have patches that are super dry but then areas of my face that are super oily. A Face Powder like the one below is exactly what I need to tone down some of the shine I get, especially around my forehead. You can usually see this when I get photos taken, but with a touch of powder the flash doesn’t reflect off my oily areas and instead has a natural matte effect. This product won’t hide any blemishes as it’s not really designed for coverage, however, if you want your skin to look healthier and less oily this is perfect for you! The one below is the MMUK Translucent Press Powder.



Tinted Moisturiser

Application: Apply with your finger

Very similar to a BB Cream, but where a BB Cream is designed to cover blemishes a tinted moisturiser is designed to moisturise with a hint of colour. A good tinted moisturiser should be made of two key things. The first one hydration! I’m such a lover of skincare and moisturisers so the first thing I look for is how well the product actually keeps my skin hydrated but not sticky or tacky. I want my dry areas gone and my skin to look healthy with a subtle glow. Secondly, I want a natural tint or bronze matching my skin tone without looking like I’m wearing makeup. The one I’ve been using is the Recipe For Men Tinted Moisturiser which has been perfect this Spring to get my face ready for the Summer.


Under Eye Primer

Application: Apply with your finger

Under eye primers are the most under-rated products on the market. They’re designed to give you a smooth, even tone around your eye area and prepare your skin for any makeup you may be applying. A lot of eye care products are enriched with caffeine to give an instant boost to tired looking eyes. They’re also designed to reduce redness and increase elasticity – with an additional cooling sensation. If you’re looking to try an Under Eye Primer, I highly recommend the Recipe For Men Under Eye Gel.



Have you ever used makeup before? And what products did you go for? I’d love to know!



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