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Throughout life, we’re faced with many opportunities that we simply don’t take. Sometimes because it happens to be the wrong time in life, sometimes because of factors like money, and sometimes because we simply aren’t ready. But when will you be ready? We miss amazing opportunities because we daren’t challenge ourselves in the first place to take positive risks and step out of our comfort zone.

I’ve had many times in life, where I’ve had regrets for not stepping out of my comfort zone when certain opportunities are in front of me, leading me to think “what would have happened if I’d done that?” or, “would things be different if I did this?”. So if you’re someone like me who sometimes finds it hard to take a leap into the unknown, I’ve got some hints and tips below to give you a head start!


Understanding what’s actually outside your comfort zone

Realisation is a big thing, and understanding what’s on the outside of your comfort zone is the first step to taking positive risks. Start by understanding what are the things worth doing? Is it quitting your job so you can pursue your dream career? Is it leaving home and moving to somewhere where there’s much more opportunity? Is it telling someone you’ve got a crush on that you like them? Whatever the situation, there’s a reason why the fear of uncertainty is stopping you! Ask yourself, what are the positives and negatives of this risk. I know myself when I’m stuck making a decision or a little nervous about doing something, writing a list of pros and cons puts everything into context a lot more.


Have a plan of where you want to be and by when

If your risk involves getting somewhere and it takes certain steps to do so, create a plan of what you need and by when to succeed. I know when I think about my career this is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve got a little memo in my phone of a list of achievements and by what age I have to do them by. I’m one of those people who need goals and achievements to work towards. I’m very target driven, so writing down my objectives really helps me focus on how I need to get there.


Take baby steps, not huge leaps

By overcoming fears, you have to make things achievable. So take baby steps! Plan, focus and take time to be sure of your next move. Life’s like a game of chess, and you’ve got to take your moves carefully… so be patient. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by your decisions. An example of this is public speaking. One of my goals in life is to lecture at Universities, but right now I HATE public speaking. To overcome this, I take every opportunity to speak in front of small groups at work. Whether that be a team meeting or small group training session, I’m in there! And slowly, I’ve noticed my confidence grow. I’m nowhere near ready to lecture, but I’m getting closer and closer to that goal.

Make friends with risk takers

I’ve said many times, be friends with the people who you want to be. Make friends with people who inspire you and you’ll find you naturally develop and grow. I surround myself with amazing bloggers so I can grow my photography, writing and networking skills. I surround myself with marketing professionals, so I can learn and develop my business knowledge! I’m a huge believer of it’s not what you know but it’s who you know, so when you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone, it might be one of those people who make it a whole lot easier.

Focus on the positives

And finally, focus on the positives. Taking risks is always very fearful, and can lead to feelings of negativity. But think about why you’re wanting to take these risks in the first place. Will your quality of life improve? Will you achieve something you’ve worked so hard for? Will you be discovering something about yourself you never knew existed? Look at the benefits of this risk, and in no that barrier stopping you from doing certain things will no longer be there.



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