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Ever had that feeling after a heavy night out where you just think “wow I need some caffeine right now!”? Yes, we’re all very familiar with that feeling. Although people run to the coffee machine to cure their morning hangover, people forget about their skin and it’s need for rejuvenation and care. Whether you’re out late on a night in the town or having trouble sleeping with stress – the first sign of ‘I need help’ is usually your skin. Whether you’re starting to see blemishes come through, uneven skin tone or that dried out, dull appearance (you know exactly what I mean).

Well, caffeine in skincare is exactly what you need, giving the same effect as a morning coffee will do to the rest of your body. In fact, Indonesians have used coffee in skincare and body scrubs since the early days, and now you can purchase a variety of different skin care products containing caffeine online or in your high street stores! However, I’ve been introduced to one product which does everything I need, the morning after! And hence the title, the MMUK Morning After Recovery Gel does exactly what it says on the bottle.



Designed specifically for Men’s skin, this oil-free solution is ideal for an instant recovery if your skin’s looking a little tired. It’s perfect for people like me who may suffer from blemishes, with stimulating Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extract. When I say ideal for people who suffer from blemishes, it forms a hydrating layer that sinks straight into your skin without blocking up your pores. None greasy, and super gentle.

Now I was quite unsure about this product when it arrived through my letterbox. When I think of the word ‘gel’, I think of thick textures that usually don’t go well with my skin. Anything that sits on the surface blocking my pores literally screams BREAKOUT! But not this, the gel formula is super lightweight… with no tacky/sticky texture, a lot of gel-based formulas usually have. I’m actually really impressed.

This little bottle now has a safe place on my bedside table, ready for those mornings where I need to get up for work (but I’m totally hungover and in need for a skincare boost). It’s also great for if you’ve not been sleeping well. I know right now I’ve been having some pretty stressful weeks with work, and without my solid morning routine, I’d be looking worse for wear.

On those days where I’m looking a little, let’s say brutal… I’ve been religiously using the MMUK Morning After Recovery Gel, alongside the MMUK MAN Concealer Trio For Men to hide any imperfections and spots! If you’re looking for something a little heavier to cover any blemishes or uneven skin tone, I highly recommend the MMUK MAN Anti-Wrinkle Foundation For Men.

So tell me, what’s your secret for those mornings you need a little BOOST? I’d love to know!


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