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My post starts today with a TV series I’ve been watching. Have you ever seen Queer Eye? If you haven’t you’re missing out big time. It’s about 5 guys who transform peoples lives, educating them about grooming, fashion, culture, style and food/drink!
It’s incredible the way these guys turn ugly to unbelievable with just a few small tips and tricks when it comes to your lifestyle and personal care. Now personal care is a big one for me. It’s something that’s completely underrated, and something that should be an essential for every man! Not only is a well-groomed guy attractive, but waking up all trimmed and tidied really sets you up for a great day. Now back to Queer Eye.

The first episode is about a guy called Tom from Georgia. Tom is stuck in his old ways of not looking after himself, so the Fab 5 guys help him transform his life and teach him some tips along the way – definitely putting the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” to the test. One of those tips being, beard care! Which brings me to today’s feature.



Over the past few years, the beard trend has grown bigger and bigger with more men than ever sporting the fury look. Whether your beard hair is 1mm or 1inch long, there’s plenty of ways to keep it at it’s best. Today, I’m talking about some products from the Billy Jealousy Collection, that will ensure your beard is healthy and groomed ready for whatever the occasion.

Billy Jealousy takes pride in providing quality products, specifically designed for men’s skin and its requirements. People forget that men’s skin is totally different to women, so choosing the right skin care is essential. It’s also about the steps you take to look after your facial hair, so without further ado, here are my 3 tips to maintain and protect your beard!

Keep It Clean.

Keeping your beard clean and hydrated is essential if you want silky smooth, glowing facial hair. Not only is it super sexy to have a well washed and moisturised beard, but it stops that itchiness because the dead skin cells are washed away and so is the leftover food from lunchtime! I’ve been using the Billy Jealousy Beard Wash for this, followed by the Billy Jealousy After Shave Balm after to give instant hydration and protection. Your skin may be quite irritated afterwards, so this will ensure to reduce any redness or burning sensation (possibly around the areas you’ve wet shaved to style).

Your Beard Trimmer = Your Best Friend

If you’re not sure how to style your beard, you definitely need to invest in some form of an electric shaver with adjustable guards. Once you’ve done that, follow the instructions below!

1: Shave it – “Set guard to 3 and shave your whole beard.”
2: Lower neck – “Switch guard to 1 and shave from your Adam’s apple to two inches below your jaw.”
3: Blend it – “Switch guard to 2 and shave that remaining two-inch area, finessing and fading the 1 zone into the 3 zone.”
4r: Tidy it – “Remove guard (the 0 setting) and shave below your Adam’s apple and any strays on the sides of your neck.”

Once this is done, it’s time to style! My beard isn’t long enough to style, but I recommend using the Billy Jealousy Beard Control.

Beard Oil Beard Oil Beard Oil

Finally, beard oil! Whether you’ve got a super short or a super long beard, beard oil is essential. Not only does it soften the hair on your face, it hydrates, nourishes, rejuvenates and treats the skin underneath. I literally swear by beard oil, as it makes my face super soft (perfect for smooching). My current go-to product is the Billy Jealousy Gnarly Sheen Beard Oil. With its pump action applicator, you can control exactly how much you need. Simply pump one or two squirts onto your hand, rub together and then pat onto your face. If you’ve got longer facial hair, rub your fingers into your beard ensuring you’re reaching the end all the way to the skin.



All of the products mentioned above can be found at by clicking here. Do you have any beard grooming tips?


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