Sounds great right? Automate your bathroom. Well, that’s what today’s post is all about so if you’re a fan of grooming with ease, keep on reading. If you’re not, keep reading anyway because I’m sure by the end you’ll be wanting one of these swanky red boxes through your letterbox.

The average man spends 900 hours of his life shaving (WOW, yes I reacted the same when I Googled this), meaning this experience should be enjoyable and ultimately the best experience. For a lot of men, their facial hair defines them, so using the right tools for the job is essential to creating that signature look you take pride in. Which leads me onto who or what I’m talking about today.



Cornerstone is a subscription service, that aims to provide men like me with quality, premium shaving products to ensure their morning grooming ritual is pleasurable and enjoyable. Now I’d heard a lot about Cornerstone, as a lot of my friends have used/still use their iconic razor. I think that was the first thing that stood out to me. Their chrome-like, signature razor stands out among competitors with its bold shape and stunning design. One thing I noticed when first using it was the comfort of the grip. It has an angled design so it fits perfectly in your hand, especially as you change position to reach every contour of the face.

But my astonishment didn’t end there. The Shaving Gel is silky smooth. As I’ve mentioned before my neck is very sensitive to some foams/gels but I’ve had no problems at all with this one. I was reading a little about Cornerstone before I tried the products, and the founder himself said: “Having suffered for years with sensitive skin, I was determined that shaving should no longer be an uncomfortable daily chore, but instead something to look forward to and enjoy”. This made me feel very confident about trying these products, and I’m so glad I did.



So not only did the delivery come with a brand new, sexy razor and Shaving Gel… it came with so much more. A Face Scrub (which I’ll be honest, I’m yet to try but so excited to see the results), and a Post Shave Balm that I REALLY like. It has a creamy gel formula that is super hydrating, perfect for reducing that post-shave burn. It takes away any discomfort, and again – works in harmony with my skin. No irritation at all. Finally, extra blades and blade cover. It’s the perfect kit to get you up and running.



So how does it work? 

1. Customise your plan. Select a combination of products and a delivery schedule to match your personal shaving routine.

2. Free delivery of your box on your chosen schedule. Now you’ll always have everything you need for a great shave.

3. Flexible subscription. It’s easy to pause your deliveries, change your products or alter your delivery schedule. There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any point.

Find out more here.



So that leads me to Cornerstone and Christmas! I literally think this would be the perfect gift for any man. Whether you or a loved one is the working man, grooming enthusiast or someone who you know will love this quirky yet totally logical gift idea, Cornerstone is the one. I simply love how all of your shaving requirements are taken care of, and totally personalised. Whether you shave daily or weekly, Cornerstone has a subscription plan for you – and not only do you take control of your toiletry convenience, you know you’re getting supreme quality every time. Discover all Cornerstone gifts here.



Have you ever used Cornerstone? What did you think?


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