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Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, this isn’t who I want to be? Dramatic I know, but I’ve recently had those thoughts about certain aspects of my life, and I decided it was time to make some small changes that would eventually lead to big progress in my life. When your ambitions are at first too big, these changes you want to make usually don’t last that long, so that’s why I’ve taken this different approach. It’s very true that if you want to see changes in yourself, it’s up to you to make them – so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Here are 4 changes I’ve been making to my life, that you can adapt too!




I’ve been stuck in a rut lately with my health and lifestyle, getting into some pretty bad habits with my diet and health. But, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve absolutely smashed it and meal prepping has allowed this to happen. Meal prepping is one of those things that you love or you hate. It does take time, but I’ve started cooking extra dinner and using it for my lunch the next day. I’m now the king of stir fry’s and pasta! This way I can control what I’m eating and it saves me spending £6 in Morrisons for my lunch. Eating healthy and saving money, how can you complain? My aim is to lose a little bit of weight, so I’ve been following the Slimming World diet plan as there is so much freedom when it comes to what you can and can’t eat. It’s amazing and I’m having so much fun discovering new recipes, as well as looking into the online Slimming World community on social networks. It’s crazy how much meal inspiration you can get from Instagram alone.


As well as my diet, I’ve also been focusing on my fitness. Yes, a word that you’d never think would be associated with me! But, I’m stepping up my fitness game and I’m literally loving it. I recently joined Elite, a hardcore (more like savage) fitness class 3 times a week. Elite is kind of like a boot camp/circut training class. It’s based in Stockton on Tees so it’s perfect to go straight after work, smash out a 45 minute work out session and head off home. Already, only after a few weeks, I feel stronger both physically and mentally. It’s crazy how exercise can literally transform your day-to-day life and make you feel 100% more positive. I’ve got such a long way to go with my fitness but I’m hoping to document each step on The G Edit – so watch this space!





Most of the time my cup is half full, but occasionally I end up in one of those cups half empty moods! You know, where you tend to see lots of the negative in things rather than looking at the positives. This happens especially when it comes to money/work – so I’m changing this all around and looking at the bright side of the situations that make me feel this way. One problem I have as well is disconnecting work from home. I tend to bring a lot of my work issues (and actual work itself) home with me, but during October, my laptop has been left at work so I can have some ME TIME at home. Starting Elite and food prepping has really helped me to have this whole new attitude to work, a healthy distraction really goes a long way.


But with the rest of my time, I’ve been seeing friends and family a lot more. One change I’m making over Autumn is making more time for the people in my life who deserve it. There’s plenty of friends that I haven’t seen much over the year because of various reasons, work, travel etc… so recently I’ve been making the effort to meet up and connect with them a lot more often. Even simple things like dropping them a quick call to catch up, see how their week has been or pop round for a quick cup of tea. Little things that really help strengthen the friendship. Even taking the time to have a good conversation with an online friend. I have soooo many online friends, especailly within the blogging community, so a good old Whats App conversation or Facetime call is really nice to catch up, see what the other person is doing and plan exciting trips for the coming months.



Are you making any small changes this season to better your life? I’d love to know!


PS. if you’re wondering where this incredible suit is from, check out Gibson London at Accent Clothing. A huge thank you for kindly gifting this suit to me, it’s perfect for my Autumn/Winter occasions this year.




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