An Introduction To Men’s Makeup

Over the last… let’s say 4 years, the male grooming industry has boomed, literally boomed. It’s amazing to see how brands are now accommodating for what the male population is after, and it’s a vast range of products. From dry shampoo to straighteners, eye cream to body balm – guys want it! But what about makeup? I read before that around 3 million men in the UK now have purchased or used makeup and these are men between the ages of 16-50! Incredible.

When I was younger, I had acne – and I mean the bad type! I can remember going to see my doctor with my Mum countless times because the treatment they were giving me wasn’t working – but after countless pills, creams, gels and serums, I started to use a treatment that worked but it was a very slow process. As I left school and went to college, my skin was almost better but I was left with these awful red dots on my forehead. It was so frustrating because although my skin in terms of “spots” was good, I still had these little annoying scars. It really knocked my confidence and I remember no matter where I went, it was something that I was always conscious of.

Now back in school, makeup was just for girls – or that’s what they said. I remember one day going round my friend’s house and we were talking about my skin, and to this day I remember her saying ‘why don’t you put some concealer on them?‘. Concealer? What was this? Makeup? I surely couldn’t wear makeup? But once we dabbed a little on over the scars, it was as if they had magically disappeared. That’s when it all changed!



So Gianni, does this mean you still wear makeup? YES, and let me tell you what I’m loving right now. MMUK MAN is an online store specialising in men’s makeup and their extensive range means there’s a shade for everyone!

Now there’s a reason why I wear makeup, and that reason is confidence. I add a touch of concealer or foundation to my forehead and around my nose because those are my problem areas with my skin. Now don’t get wrong, my skin is amazing now! Looking at how it’s improved over the years is insane and I am SO happy with where I am, but a touch of makeup gives me that extra dose of confidence I need. You can see on the picture above how natural I look. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup, and that’s the beauty of it. MMUK Makeup allows me to hide the redness, cover the scars and keep that natural appearance.




So where do I start Gianni?

I’m obsessed with the MMUK MAN Concealer Trio. This allows me to target certain areas making sure I get the right colour. It’s super easy to apply, and you don’t need any brushes or tools – simply your finger! I tend to get a touch of the lighter colour and a bit of the medium and mix them together. This gives me the perfect tone to match my skin. I wear this product every day, as it’s fast to apply and easy to cover my problem areas with ease.

If my skin’s a little problematic and I’m going to an event or a party, I’ll go for something a little heavier. This just ensures that I’m looking my best all night – especially for those photo booth pics! My go to product is the MMUK MAN Foundation. It’s lightweight and gives a natural looking layer without that thick feeling some foundations give. It also doesn’t rub off onto your clothes either which is a bonus for white shirt occasions.



Finally, as a finishing touch, I use the MMUK MAN Brow Styling Gel. When you have eye brows as bushy as mine, they need taming. This gel basically keeps your brows in place, with a handy application tool that allows you to make sure they’re in the right shape too. For guys who don’t have thick brows, you can build up the look making them look thicker and fuller with the blonde or brown shades – again, looking totally natural. This product also comes in a clear version which is amazing if you don’t want any colour. So now, it’s not only your girlfriend’s brows that will be ‘on fleek’!

But men like me aren’t only using makeup to cover up acne scars, they’re using it for psoriasis, rosacea, birthmarks, eczema, scars, and burns. It’s the perfect way to cover up your insecurities for that boost of confidence and self-esteem. Take a look at MMUK’s amazing range of products and upgrade your grooming routine here:



Do you wear makeup? Does your boyfriend wear makeup?

I want to know what they’re using! Make sure you check out my previous post all about making a good first impression here.



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