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I’m definitely someone who loves to spoil their friends, whether that be cooking up an amazing dinner, treating them to the film at the cinema or even a bottle of wine watching some trashy TV. However, one friend deserved an extra special treat and I couldn’t wait to surprise her with it.

My friend Danielle and her boyfriend Rikky, are expecting a little boy later this year (YEY) – and that got me thinking, so much fuss is made over a brand new baby, everyone forgets about the Mother that’s carrying it! I decided to surprise Danielle with a super special gift that I knew she would love and totally deserved. Emporio Armani has recently launched two new incredible fragrances Stronger With You (for him) and Because It’s You (for her), and they are perfect scent for this time of year.

I love Armani fragrances so when I got my hands on these two, I was so excited to see what they had created. When I read the press release, I knew this was something that Danielle would absolutely love, I had no doubt about it. I gave her a quick call, and asked if I could pop round for a good old cup of tea and a catch up!


Emporio Armani You The G Edit UK Armani Beauty


Whilst Danielle was filling up the kettle, I pulled out a little box and placed it on the coffee table, so when she walked back in it would be there as she put the tea down. Oh, I’m so smooth! Let’s just say, Danielle was over the moon. She told me she had been looking for a new scent but couldn’t quite find one she loved!

The first thing you notice with these two beauts is the stunning bottle they are both in. I love the premium feel both bottles have, with the metal lid that has this interesting wrap design around the lid. Both are very minimalistic and simple. So let’s start with Because It’s You.



“For her / BECAUSE IT’S YOU Hers is happy, delicious, sparkling, simply irresistible like a ripe raspberry in its perfect and most elegant naturalness when combined with neroli. What does this tantalizing young woman hide in her heart? Hers is unabashedly feminine, full instinctive and passionate. Her charm is immediately apparent, like the addictive and sophisticated rose absolute. Hers plays with her powers of seduction as vanilla mixes with musks, revealing a complex and incredibly deep sensuality. Bold, immediately captivating, hers expresses the urgency of a love that takes every chance to declare itself: BECAUSE IT’S YOU.” – Armani Beauty


Emporio Armani You The G Edit UK Armani Beauty



Emporio Armani You The G Edit UK Armani Beauty


I then showed Danielle my brand new fragrance, Stronger With You. When it comes to my scent, I’m a huge fan of musky, woody, nutty combinations. I love the vanilla notes in both fragrances, it gives them that essence of sexuality and mystery. We then both started testing the scents on each other, the house smelt divine!


“For him / STRONGER WITH YOU His lives in the present, moulded by the energy of modernity. Unpredictable, he surprises with his originality, like the spicy accord in the top notes – a mix of cardamom, pink peppercorn, and violet leaves. His has inherited a confident elegance, with the easy insouciance of youth, conveyed by the sage at his aromatic heart. His communicates with sensuality, like the way smoky Vanilla Jungle Essence™ falls in love with the sugar coated chestnut accord, succumbing to his magnetism: STRONGER WITH YOU.” – Armani Beauty

On a side note, I’m usually someone who switches up my fragrance daily, but there’s something I quite LOVE about this one. I’ve literally been wearing this for the past 6 days now and I can’t even tell you the amount of complements I’ve had at work wearing this. It’s absolutely stunning.


Emporio Armani You The G Edit UK Armani Beauty


Armani says to get a long lasting wear from the scent, you should apply by spraying in a double ring gesture around your head. I always like to put a touch of fragrance on the back of my neck too. I find that you get the most compliments when people give you a hug! You heard it here first **wink**. There’s something quite satisfying when someone says you smell good!

In summary, I’m literally addicted to these two scents, they are right up my street. I’m so happy Danielle is over the moon with her new gift because she totally deserves it. What’s your current favourite fragrance? I’d love to know!



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