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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been the kind of person who loves change. New processes, new experiences, new environments. I love to see things come and when ready… go. I tend to find myself getting bored of thing’s pretty easy, or once I’ve accomplished something – I need to find my next challenge. From education to careers, home to away – I’m always on the look out for something more and something new. Many people think this is a trait of a millennial… and I kind of agree. I heard that the average millennial will have 5 jobs in their lifetime and tend to always look ahead at what is to come. This is incredible and really excites me to think of what the future holds.

And then there are people. People change. I’ve changed and over the past few years, I’ve seen myself change for better and for worse. I’ve seen friends change. I’ve seen friends experience horrific breakups, parents die, move out, move on… and turn into completely different people, in positive and negative ways. But that’s all about growing up. When people change, people learn. And you learn about the things you should and shouldn’t have done. So why should we all embrace it?

Topman The G Edit UK

Topman The G Edit UK

Topman The G Edit UK



It’s only recently that I’ve come to the conclusion that allowing things to change usually leaves you in control of the situation – bonus right? By being the one who’s in control, you can remove yourself from a situation that’s having a negative impact on your life. I was in a job for over 5 years, and towards the end, I was sick of the same old routine and problems – and after time was in a really bad place because of this one job. I’d had enough so I took it upon myself to create a plan of where I wanted to be, by what time, doing what. I worked my ass off at University, apply for countless jobs and now a year into my new career, I couldn’t be happier. By taking control of your own life, it gives you the power to harness negativity and channel it into something great. You may be in a bad relationship or friendship group, take it upon yourself to act, remove yourself from the situation and gain control of these feelings you’re experiencing.



Speaking of taking control to make better changes in life, it can (hopefully) only lead to one thing. Progression. And not always financially. Change allows you to progress as an individual, including new skills you may learn, new connections, friends and opportunities. I try to immerse myself around inspiring people because I want to progress and learn. I’m always on the look out for a new experience, whether that be meeting someone new, a chance to learn and be educated, a chance to progress in my career or even just myself as a better person. Stay on the lookout for ways you can develop your own journey and you’ll find more way to progress than you think.


Change does indeed become a challenge, and challenges are good. Without the force of change, you’ll never have the opportunity to be tested and realise your own strength. I’m quite an adaptable person. I can adapt to new situations, new challenges I’m faced with and new situations I’m put in, but that skill would not have developed if I hadn’t put myself out there to accept change in the first place. A challenge is great for your mind, your health, your confidence and your charisma – so embrace whatever experience and the situation you’re in. The challenge may be difficult at times, but take a positive from every negative you face along the way.



By adapting to change, you become more flexible. You’re less likely to be stubborn and resistant to new things, things you would normally push to one side. You can learn to not be so set in your ways, and refuse the idea of adjustments. I’ve seen so many people miss out on opportunities to learn and experience new things because of they are ‘set in their ways’ and it’s sad to see. Flexibility promotes a more positive way of life, way of thinking and way of learning.

Topman The G Edit UK

Topman The G Edit UK



Are you someone who enjoys change? New experiences, new environments, new challenges? Let me know in the comments below! Also, how great are these Topman Cropped Trousers and Kurt Geiger Loafers?! I think they’re perfect for a dressed down smart outfit for Summer.



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