From moisturiser to hair dye, spa days to laser hair removal – male grooming has turned into a multi-million-pound industry, as more Men start to invest more in themselves, than cars and watches. I’m talking today about how my Sunday Night has become the time of the week where I take a good hour and give myself a little TLC – and I hope some of these incredible products inspire you to do the same thing. 

It’s a little cliche, isn’t it? Sunday night pamper. Well, Sunday’s are actually a pretty new thing to me, I’ve recently just quit my second job to free up some time – meaning Sunday is my new day of rest. As a lot of you are aware, I’m a super big grooming fan. I’m also a total believer that both men and women should be allowed to take some time out to really give themselves a good bit of tender loving care. I mean, we only have 1 body – so it should be treated with a little love – am I right? Sunday has now turned into the day where switch up showers for baths, clip my toe and finger nails, trim around certain areas and play around with a few remedies to make myself look booootiful (I can’t quite figure out if that was way too much information). Moving on…. recently I popped to see my ladies at The Body Shop Metro Centre to discover their latest body care products, ready for my Sunday grooming session. After a hand and arm massage, facial and a talk introducing me to each product, I was now ready to try these out in my own Sunday routine.


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Step 1. Set The Scene

So for those of you who are thinking ‘Gianni, I like the sound of a giving my body a little TLC on a Sunday, but where do I even begin‘. Well, let me tell you – the first step is to set the scene. I know myself that after a busy week at work the first thing I need is to relax. I like to fill the bath, light some candles and play some of my favourite music. This totally gets me in the mood and allows me to take a step back from the week. I try to find some music that I haven’t listened to for a while – I’ve been loving RAYE at the moment. She’s a total BAE and her music is amazing. You can check her out here.

Step 2. Give Your Hair A Good Cleanse

I then strip off nakeeeed, get into the bath and start by giving my hair a good cleanse, wash and condition. I’ve been loving the NEW Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub. If you’re someone who has fine, dry hair – this is perfect for you. It’s a bit like a salt scrub, that you can massage into the hair right down to the roots. It’s super refreshing, and once I’ve washed away the scrub, my hair instantly feels clean and volumised. I then grab my usual shampoo and conditioner to give it another good clean. Have you ever tried reverse conditioning? Well, if you have finer hair like me – try conditioning your hair first, then shampoo. Trust me, you will never wash your hair the same way again. Instantly when you blow dry your hair it feels thicker with so much more volume. I learnt this about 3 years ago and still to this day, I condition before I shampoo. Period.


The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1

The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1


Step 3. Give Your Body Some TLC

Once your hair is cleansed and washed, I grab the towel whilst still in the bath and give it a quick dry. I hate sitting back in the bath with soaking wet hair, so a quick towel dry leaves it semi-dry and not dripping in my face. It’s now time for my body and as a part of my weekly routine, I start off with a little exfoliation. My go-to scrub is the NEW French Grape Seed Refining Body Scrub. It has a really subtle scent, and a fine grain feels that leaves your skin polished and refined. You feel a noticeable difference when using this, I can really see a change in how my skin looks and feels, literally after one use.


The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1

The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1





The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1

The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1


Step 4. Sit Back And Relax

Once you’re all washed (this is the best bit)… sit back, and relax. I like to sit back and think about nothing. Put behind the troubles of the week, any problems I’ve been having at work or home, any worries, outstanding tasks and just enjoy the music I’m listening to. I like to have a good 15-20 minutes lying in the water then when I’ve almost turned into a prune, get out and wrap a warm towel around me. Then, it’s time for the final and most important stage of the evening!

Step 5. Protect, Nourish And Treat

Yes, protect, nourish and treat. You’ve done all that hard work cleansing, exfoliating, cleaning and relaxing – so you’ve got to lock in that goodness with a few extra goodies. Once I’m all dry, I straight away cover my body in cream to protect, moisturise and rejuvinate my skin. I’ve been using the Ethiopian Green Coffee Firming Body Cream, a light weight body butter that sinks straight in, without that awful greasy texture a lot of body butter products have. I then wash my hands and move onto my face. I will go in with my usual cleanser (the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a favourite of mine right now), toner, facial oil (I’m still obsessed with the Body Shop Oils Of Life Facial Oil) and a trusty moisturiser. I’ve also been using the NEW Amazonian Savior Multi-Purpose Balm for elbows, heels and tattoos. Yes, tattoos! The balm helps protect and repair dry skin but also enhance any tattoos. Because my main tattoo is on my wrist, it’s exposed to sunlight every day meaning it’s a little faded and not quite the same colour as it once was. The balm has really made a difference to this by hydrating the ink, amplifying the colour. I can’t wait to see this on someone’s tattoo sleeve, I can imagine the results would be insane.



The Body Shop Male Grooming The G Edit - 1


So what do you think? Are you interested in starting a little grooming/pamper routine on a Sunday evening? It’s really made a difference to my week, allowing me to have time to just give my body the time it needs. It also gives me a couple of hours to take my mind off my busy life, where I can sit back and just RELAX!

Also, make sure you pop down to The Body Shop Metro Centre and try all of these incredible products yourself. The ladies who work there are super lovely, so they will assist you in trying the products and making sure they are perfect for your skin. I’m so excited to continue using all of these products and seeing the difference they make over time.

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