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Over the years of trying hundreds of skincare, body care and grooming brands, there are certain ones that come to mind and I always end up going back to. Summer has changed my skin for the better; I have fewer blemishes, my skin tone evens out and I get a natural glow! Perfection. But all of that comes with a little helping hand from some staple products that I cannot wait to recommend to you guys. I feel like I haven’t done a skincare/body care recommendations post in a while, and considering the foundations of this little space on the internet was built on my recommendations, experience with products and thoughts – it would be rude not. Remember! I only ever recommend products and brands on The G Edit that I LOVE. Keeping true to my readers is a huge commitment of mine as I feel so happy when someone approaches me saying a product I have recommended has improved their skin, or a fragrance I’ve recommended is now their new favourite.

June Favourites The G Edit UK

AESOP Lucid Facial Concentrate

I’m a true serum lover. Serum people serum! I’m always on the look out for a new magic remedy, that’s packed with nutrients, gives me the perfect amount of hydration and preps my skin for the morning. Well about a year ago, I came across the incredible AESOP Lucid Facial Concentrate , a post-cleansing hydrator serum that is packed full of vitamins and goodness. This is perfect for oily skin, but because my skin goes oily in the Summer, it’s ideal for people like me who are usually a mixture of dry/combination. I tend to mix this with my evening moisturiser, so I get a much better coverage on my face ready for bed. Now, you may be put off by the price tag (£77) – but I can promise you now, every drop it worth it… and that’s the best thing. All you need is a couple of drops, so you find that even using this daily you get so much use out of it, and the results are insane.

But what does it do? I find that it totally soothes my skin when I’ve been out in the sun. I also love the instant burst of hydration it gives me when I apply it, and it also doesn’t have that greasy feeling a lot of serums have. I tend to get a lot of random blemishes too, but when I’m frequently using this I can 100% see a noticeable difference – my skin is literally flawless.

June Favourites The G Edit UK

AESOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

Back to AESOP again with another favourite of mine, the AESOP Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash . I’m an absolute snob when it comes to my body care at home, so this little treat is ideal for the body care lover. Not only does the bottle look super chic and sexy on the bathroom sink, but it’s mild exfoliation and the herbalicious scent makes washing your hands an incredible experience. Incredible experience Gianni, it’s only hand wash? Well, you’re wrong! It’s called resurrection for a reason. The formula protects your hands against the damage from hard work throughout the day. It has a mild exfoliation texture and a solution that doesn’t dehydrate the skin – like most hand washes do. The pump distributes the perfect amount of solution into your hands, making the product last for months upon months.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Let’s talk fragrance! I’m usually lusting over some Jo Malone scent on here, but I have a few other brands I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Tom Ford Fragrances being one of them. I’m obsessed with Tom Ford Noir Extreme . If you’re yet to smell this wonderful fragrance then I suggest you get to your local House Of Frazer now! This sensual, aromatic and mysterious scent has been one of my favourites for a long time and I couldn’t even tell you the number of compliments I’ve had from this one. It has a combination of woody/oriental tones with amber, mandarin, cardamom and sweet vanilla. When you look at the notes in this, it’s pretty random I’d say. However, it’s super surprising how they all work together and bring out this intense, sexual scent that I know every man will love. This would actually make the perfect gift! Do you have any brother, dad, uncle, boyfriend birthdays coming up soon?

Jo Malone London Amber & Lavender Hand & Body Cream

Every morning after I’ve been in the shower, I have to moisturise one way or another otherwise my skin just goes all dry and tight – ew! Not a good feeling at all. To my rescue, is the amazing Jo Malone London Amber & Lavender Hand & Body Cream  . I was obsessed about a year ago with the cologne version of this, it was my go-to scent for months however it was only recently that I actually tried the hand and body cream version – now I’m in love. With notes of peppery basil, white thyme and lime, it has an insane masculine scent that isn’t overpowering or too bold. But most importantly, a touch of this goes such a long way. It’s literally the best of both worlds, smell great with silky soft (non-greasy) skin!

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

This little gem has appeared on The G Edit quite a few times, but after literally years of using this for some reason I all of a sudden stopped. It was only until around 1 month ago that I found it at the bottom of my drawer and remembered how amazing the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel actually is! If you’ve never heard of this incredible cleanser… then where the hell have you been? This gel based cleanser gives your skin a boost of goodness, using a pumpkin enzyme called Lactobacillus, getting right into your pores, cleaning and repairing the skin. You can see the difference immediately when using this. I love how my skin looks and feels when I wipe away the gel. I tend to use a Liz Earle Cleansing Cloth with this product as it gives a mild exfoliation when removing the product. If you want to read more about this, check out my review here from back in 2015 – my thoughts haven’t changed since!

June Favourites The G Edit UK





June Favourites The G Edit UK


So there you go, my current essentials that are living on my dressing table. Are any of these standing out to you? Which do you want to try, or have tried? And finally, what are your Summer skin/body essentials… I’d love to know!




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