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Over the past few weeks, it’s been clear that the weather is finally changing. Driving to work at 8am, the temperature at 16* and my window half way down is exactly what I expect at this time of year – and I’m not complaining one bit. Even yesterday, walking around London with my arms out, t-shirt on and sunglasses really made me realise how much the weather is changing, meaning your body care must change!

Recently, I was invited by my good friend Kate to The Body Shop Metro Centre in Gateshead, to check out what new products are on the shelves that can help me switch up my Summer skin/body care, to protect and nourish my skin as the weather makes a change. After an amazing facial and hand massage, it was time to discover what was new.



Drops Of Youth, Youth Fresh Emulsion

Firstly, I’d like to introduce you all to an amazing new product that has literally become one of my favourite 2017 skincare products so far this year. The Drops Of Youth, Youth Fresh Emulsion SPF 20 PA+++ is a gel-based lotion for essential daily hydration. It reminds me of the Aesop Hydrator that a lot of you may be aware of (but literally half the price!) offering the same dose of hydration and texture with the added SPF. SPF is essential at this time of year, giving you that reassurance that your face is protected from UAV/UVB rays. One thing that I really like about this product is how light and silky it is, it really does sink straight into your skin. This is a must-have when the weather is warm, there’s nothing worse than a sticky, thick moisturiser when the sun is shining. The bottle is super cool as well. I love the push-down applicator as it allows you to get total control over how much product is released. I hope the body shop release more products in this kind of packaging. Oh, one more thing… it’s 100% vegan!



Pinita Colada Shower Gel/Body Butter

Now protecting your skin is one thing, but we all deserve a pamper in the Summer too! The Pinita Colada range is back again for the second year running. I’m so happy! This was one of my favourite scents, so fresh and rejuvenating – it literally makes all your senses go wild. I got to try the shower gel and body butter. I’ve had the shower gel before so the body butter was an added bonus, this all came in a crazy pineapple shaped gift box! You can check it out here. This duo would be the perfect gift for someone’s birthday around this time of year, it’s super fresh and a scent that everyone will like – I can guarantee it! To top it all off, both the shower gel and body butter are super hydrating, soap-free and made with real pineapple and coconut extracts all the way from the Caribbean. Delicious!


Honey Bronze, Bronzing Body BB Cream

Now once your body is protected, washed and nourished, but a Summer glow doesn’t come in a day. I have the perfect product to help you get that golden skin/bronzed body glow from Day 1. The Body Shop have launched this incredible Bronzing Body BB Cream, basically like a tinted moisturiser/self-tan/cream that you can apply on your body before you go out for a night on the town. It’s super light-weight and doesn’t leave any streaks, uneven coverage or dark patches. It’s really good for blurring imperfections on your skin such as scars or uneven tones. The best thing is, it doesn’t have any of that ‘fake tan smell‘ that most tanning products have, it literally smells of… nothing – and that’s how I like it! I do however have a little tip that takes this product to a whole other level.

Try mixing the Bronzing Body BB Cream in a Mini Body Butter tub if you want that added dose of moisture. The great thing is you can control how dark you want it to appear and the silky texture of the body butter allows an even better, flawless coverage. I recommend a good squeeze which gives a medium coverage that looks so natural and flawless. You will also smell incredible too, as the scent from the body butter is transferred with the BB cream to your body. Cleaver right? I can’t take all the credit for this, the lovely ladies at The Body Shop, Metro Centre gave me the heads up on this tip!

Click these two links below to try it yourself!

Mini Body Butter / Bronzing Body BB Cream






Over the years, The Body Shop have done some incredible campaigns to raise awareness of ongoing issues across the world. I’m so happy to announce on The G Edit that they have launched, probably their biggest campaign yet! Let’s hear what The Body Shop have to say:

“We were the first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing in cosmetics. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked with our campaign partner Cruelty-Free International and our collective efforts helped lead to a European Union ban in 2013. But that isn’t enough. 80% of countries still allow animal testing. Animals continue to be used in testing, and we want to end this practice everywhere and forever.”

I’m so excited to see how this campaign changes attitudes towards animal testing throughout the world and how countries will do their bit to stop animal testing for good. So how can we help? Click the following link to sign up to their global petition, making us all one step closer to a cruelty-free world in cosmetics!




So, have any of these products caught your attention? And… what are your Summer essentials? Are there any products that you can’t live without in the Summer, I’d love to know. Make sure you head down to The Body Shop Metro Centre to try these incredible products and see which one is your favourite! But for now, I hope you all enjoy the wonderful weather and sun – hopefully it stays around!



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