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You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet lately on The G Edit (still loud as ever on social media), and that is because over the past few months I literally haven’t stopped. I’ve been a total busy bee! Work, travel, film, work, edit, write, travel, work… it’s been none stop. But quite frankly, I’ve loved every second of it. I’d say over the previous quarter I’ve learnt so much, experienced so many amazing things and I’m so excited for the rest of the year. One thing for sure is without certain measures of preparation over the previous few months, my experience at home, work and away wouldn’t have been as enjoyable. This is where today’s post inspiration came from, and I can’t wait to share with you all my top tips for staying organised and prepared on the move.


The G Edit UK Knomo London




The G Edit UK Knomo London



It all starts with a plan. I’m a sucker for a detailed calendar and to-do list! One huge tip I have to start off with is have one centralised calendar with all of your commitments. I use to have 3 separate calendars, work, blog and personal. Although I had them all connected to my phone, it just became too much. I’d add appointments into my calendar though my phone for work, and it would appear on my personal calendar. I love getting into work and seeing my WHOLE agenda for the week.

So you have a few business trips, a few meetings and appointments over the next few weeks! Get them all scheduled in. I even create events in my calendar for train times, with the depart and arrive as the event time start and finish, with booking references, seat numbers and telephone numbers in the description. What time can you check into your hotel? 2pm? Well, create an appointment in your calendar, add hotel address, telephone number and booking reference. This may seem totally anal to you guys but I can tell you now I’ve had many occasions where this level of preparation has proven to be useful.



You’re going away overnight on a business trip, what do you pack? Keep it simple! Most of the time it will involve walking onto trains, getting an Uber, then walking to your destination. You don’t want to be carrying around a 3-tonne backpack so only pack essentials. I try to bring one pair of shoes (and travel in them), 1 extra outfit for the next day, laptop, notebook, cables, a few essential toiletries and you’re done! That’s all you need. Download an e-book on your phone and make sure all possible documentation is digital. You’ll thank yourself for packing light!


The G Edit UK Knomo London

The G Edit UK Knomo London



A good, strong, quality backpack is essential. Something you find comfortable and fits everything you need in without looking oversized and puffy. My go to travel bag is the KNOMO JAMES 15″ Tote Backpack, one that was recently featured in Forbes. This bag is incredible. I was lucky enough to receive this by KNOMO and after a few trips away, I literally fell in love. It’s PACKED with compartments so I know where everything is. Literally, all of my gear has a place, including my laptop in an internal padded sleeve. Being a blogger, social media marketer and all round gadget whore, I needed somewhere to store my cables, backup charger, pens, notebook, tickets, chewing gum and more! Ultimately, pockets were essential. I hate rummaging through my bag trying to find something important at the bottom when I need it most. Do you agree?

KNOMO stands for Knowledge and Mobility, two very important aspects of the KNOMO culture, aesthetic and concept behind their designs. They also don’t believe in the idea of an ‘average life’ and work to live the life they dreamed. An incredibly inspiring outlook that I love. Their objective is to design products that help you live life to the fullest, to travel, see and appreciate the world – fuss free!


The G Edit UK Knomo London



The G Edit UK Knomo London



Travelling alone can sometimes get a little boring, so make sure you have some entertainment on board. Headphones are my ultimate priority. I double, triple check that I have them whenever I’m on the move, so I can listen to Spotify while I’m on the train, bus or taxi. The night before I always create a new playlist with old and new songs in so it’s something different to the usual. I always have some reading material on my phone/laptop. I’m subscribed to the GQ Digital magazine, which I can access on whatever device I want. I also have the Apple News app, subscribe to my favourite newspapers and magazines. This way I have unlimited material to read. If you have your laptop, there’s always Netflix!

If I’m travelling overnight to a city, I try to check out what’s on the night I’m there. There may be a gig or show on the road you’re staying on. Even checking out the local restaurants and bars can usually unfold some kind of entertainment nearby. I love scouting out coffee shops too, so I’ll usually take my laptop and crack on with some work over an artisan coffee.


Finally, make sure you eat and sleep the right way! Travelling with business isn’t an all inclusive holiday – do you really need that fillet steak? I try to find a restaurant that serves good, hearty meal that isn’t unhealthy and stodgy. Not only does it make you feel rubbish the next day, but I try to think of travelling as not an excuse to pig out! When it comes to the end of the day, I always recommend getting a good nights sleep. I watch the news or a film before bed, then head off to get a good 7 hours in at least. You then feel refreshed the next day, ready for business.


The G Edit UK Knomo London

The G Edit UK Knomo London

So, what are your travelling tips? Do you have any ways to prepare yourself before travelling? I’d love to know!



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