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The wedding season is upon us. It’s the time of year where you realise how much money you actually have to start putting aside for all the weddings you’re invited to. Gosh it’s such a bane being so popular, isn’t it? But saving your pennies isn’t the only factor you have to think about when it comes to wedding preparation. There’s gifts, accommodation, travel, outfits… the list goes on, so I have some super top tips on how to prepare yourself to enjoy the fantastic wedding season. Get yourself a cup of tea, a chocolate Hobnob and some pen and paper, because by the end of this post you’ll one step ahead of the game for the wedding season.





So you’ve received the invite – you’re on the list! Now when you receive the grand invitation you usually get to find out the venue for the wedding. It usually tends to be some fancy ‘hall’, ‘lodge’ or ‘manor’ that you’ve probably never heard of… so the first thing I do is find the place on Google Maps. The first thing you’ll see is whether the venue is local, so ask yourself… do I need to stay overnight or is a taxi home affordable? I prefer to stay overnight because you can really enjoy yourself in the evening and go with the flow. I’m also not a fan of drunken taxi rides that are longer than 10 minutes, so a hotel is perfect. Search for hotels near the venue. If you book in advance, you will usually get a good deal on the room. If the room is a little expensive, try sharing. Are you going with your partner or could a friend half the fee on a twin bedroom. If the venue has it’s own accommodation, try ringing up, explain you’re a guest at the wedding and see if they have a special wedding rate. This is usually around £10-20 cheaper than the best available rate and normally includes breakfast. Be aware, the price of hotel rooms usually goes up and up the closer you get to the big day, so I tend to get this booked and sorted as soon as possible.


Try estimating how much you’re going to be spending over the next few months on weddings. Will you be popping bottles of champagne, does the venue look expensive, will you be buying your other half drinks throughout the evening? Think about how much money you need to set aside each month to cover the costs of these big occasions. The last thing you want to be doing is putting all of those tequila shots on your credit card! Bad, bad idea.





Now the outfit to me is probably one of the most important, yet exciting things to buy. Everyone wants to look good but since this is a hugely expensive time of year, there’s no chance you can buy a brand new outfit for every wedding you’re attending. This means buying 1 staple outfit is essential. I’m absolutely loving this Slim Fit Suit Blazer and Trousers from BoohooMAN. BoohooMAN provides affordable, high-quality outfits that really do transform your Spring wedding wardrobe. I’ve paired this suit up with a classic white shirt, navy knitted tie and staple black shoes. I think this outfit is perfect for all weddings, from formal dinners to disco dances. The subtle check pattern makes this outfit really stand out, perfect for the photo booth – oh, did I mention it’s less than £70? BoohooMAN is great for students too, as you can get some cheeky UniDays discount! Take a look at their tailoring section here.




Gifts! The one thing you want to buy… but secretly don’t (hehe!). On a serious note, I’m a nightmare for leaving gifts till last minute, but one thing I’ve learned over the years is buying them in advance is a life savior. First of all, buy your cards in bulk! Then think about the gift itself. It’s pretty hard to find the perfect wedding gift these days as most people already live together in a fully furnished home, so dinner sets and cutlery are a thing of the past. Although money isn’t the best gift in the world, I know it’s the gift that everyone would want. Alternatively, where are the bride and groom going on their honeymoon? America? Slip $50 in a card! Simple. You now have your cards and gift all polished off ready for the big day.


Finally, organise travel with friends. If you’re going with your other half or you’re going on your own, try and organise travel with friends to save you money! It may cost £30 in petrol to get to your destination, but that £30 divided by 5 turns out a whole lot cheaper when you car share. Plan in advance, set up a group chat and nominate the designated driver. Are you staying over? Even better! Share hotel rooms and share the driving. By doing this you could literally save over a third of the money you would have spent by doing this on your own. It’s a no brainer!




Are you feeling a lot more prepared now? Because I know I’m ready for the Summer. I guess the last tip is to enjoy yourself, stay safe and have lots of fun. I can’t wait to slip on my new suit for my friend’s weddings and show off my moves on the dance floor.

Do you have your outfit sorted yet? Head over to BoohooMAN now for stylish, dapper outfits! Are you going anywhere nice this Summer, weddings abroad or some fancy castle? Tweet me pictures @thisisgiannic.




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