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Today we’re talking about online shopping and I can’t wait to tell you all about my new discovery, but let me set the scene first. Raise your hand if you LOVE to online shop. I think we all do right? I find that 90% of my shopping is done online simply because I have 0 time to spend walking around the shops, browsing through racks and rails.

Now shopping online has it’s benefits, you can simply search for what you want on Google and 9/10 times it’s the first listing on the page. Add To Basket. Confirm. Ordered. As simple as that. But then online shopping also has it’s drawbacks, I mean… I tend to sacrifice finding the best price because shopping around just isn’t for me, I’m way too lazy to browse through multiple websites to find the cheapest price.

I’ve been so excited to write this post and share with you my latest discovery. Ladies and Gentleman… The Shoe Bible does all the hard work for you, it’s literally amazing. The website compares shoes across multiple online retailers giving you the best affordable price. I guess it’s like Compare The Market for shoes… insane right? My shopping objective was to find a new pair of Loafers for Summer and on my hunt The Shoe Bible appeared in one of the Google listings. I’m trying to put together an outfit for my best friends, brothers wedding in a couple of months time and it’s proving to be very difficult.

I’m thinking black leather loafer, grey fitted suit with some kind of statement tie?


When it comes to online shopping I guess I have a habit for sticking to retailers I’m comfortable with but it’s leaving me out of pocket, because after looking at products I want through this website, you notice there are hundreds of certified retailers out there that sell what you want £10, £20, £50 cheaper than your average high street store.

I’ve got my eye on a few pairs of shoes, thank god it’s payday. What do you guys think? Do you think these are Summer wedding material?

Hudson Black Pierre | Dr Martens Adrian | Sebago Cordo

I’m especially fond of the Sebago Cordo Loafers, I love the look of the smooth leather and minimalistic strap across the front of the shoe. I think this will be a winner, now to find a suit!

The Shoe Bible - The G Edit

The Shoe Bible - The G Edit

With a busy lifestyle, I want my online shopping to be as smooth and fuss free as possible, like many of you out there. I hope this little tip will help you find the perfect pair of shoes a lot faster and cheaper. Check out here to see how much you can save on a pair of new kicks! Ps. This website also sells Women’s and Kid’s shoes too!

What are your tips and tricks for finding the best price for your shopping?


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