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My name is Gianni, and I’m a workaholic. I feel like I’m about to sit through a workaholic’s anonymous class but hear me out guys, there’s point to this. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been one of those people who love to keep busy, whether that be working as a waiter, hotel manager, photographer, marketer or blogger.

But in no way shape or form am I saying this is a negative, if anything… I love being a workaholic. I love to learn, develop my skills and what’s great is the older I get the more ambitious I seem to be. However the one thing about being a workaholic, is time… and how to make the most of it efficiently and productively, without sacrificing a personal life. If you sacrifice your personal life, you start to cancel plans, miss meals out and end up detaching yourself from friends and family. Not a good way to live your life.

So a few months back, this whole ‘workaholic’ topic was on my mind and I decided it was time to make a few changes to the way I work, ensuring that the passion for my career, this blog and everything else didn’t impact my personal life.


Probably one of the most important ways to enjoy life as a workaholic is making the most out of your calendar. By making the most out of your calendar (work and personal) means you can avoid a multi-tasking overload, know exactly what you’re doing, less chance of being late for a meeting and you ultimately feel a lot more organised. I have my work, blog and personal calendar colour coded, so everything is clean and clear when I open up the app on my phone. Oh, and I have my calendars connected! All 3. This means it’s all synced to my phone so I can get notifications of upcoming appointments/tasks and I can easily look ahead to see what I have later in the day or the week. The great thing is, when I add an appointment to my calendar from my phone, the calendar it belongs to automatically gets updated on whatever device I log into.


Working during time off is something I did a lot of before I changed the way I work. I’d always go home, put some Netflix on the TV and end up missing the film because I’d have my laptop open finishing off some work. I’d also end up canceling plans or cutting them short to go home due to unfinished work. Not a healthy lifestyle at all. Now I literally work hard, so I can play harder. The saying is true! I plan my what I’ve got to do and when I’m doing it so I get all the work on my agenda complete.


A tidy room means a tidy mind and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always put this theory into practice. Now ‘room’ doesn’t have to be a physical room, but a desk at work, or a drawer in your office. By keeping things tidy and clearing out the clutter means you think clearer. Trust me it works! My desk at work is always tidy, I try to keep all documents digital as best as I can, organised in nice folders on my laptop. It means I can find what I need easily and everything has a place. Likewise with my room, I clear out the old and have a place for the new.


This tip speaks for itself. Sleep is an essential for a productive and healthy life. I try to get at least 9 hours per day and on a weekend, try not to take advantage of a ‘sleep in’. Alarm set!


So putting all of the above into practice means you now have time to socialise! Yes, socialise with your friends. Make the most out your free time by really enjoying the time with your friends, family or partner. Go for a date night, see a movie and don’t rush home! I try to organise meals with friends in advance to ensure I see certain people every month if not more. I love to know I have plans on the weekend or on evenings, as it’s something I can really look forward to throughout the week. I’m totally anal and put these plans in my calendar too, just so when I’m feeling stressed at work I can see it’s only 1 day till ‘Dinner With Katherine’.


Now I don’t mean a full three piece suit, tie and boots…. but I always make sure when I leave the house I’m looking good, because looking good makes you feel good.. and feeling good keeps you motivated, ambitious and all round awesome. You never know who you’re going to bump into, at work or in town, it may even be your next boss!


So this is how I enjoy life as a workaholic, simple little changes to your outlook on life and the way you go about yourself on a day-to-day basis. Easy right? I’ve still got a lot of improving to do, so if you have any tips and tricks – send them my way!



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