We’re now into 2017, so much is changing but one thing that hasn’t changed is the weather! I don’t know about you, but the weather can’t seem to make it’s mind up (okay… now it sounds like I’m on a date trying to make small talk, but hear me out).

My skin is a nightmare when it comes to Winter months, I tend to be a lot more ‘blemishy’ and dry patches appear around my eye brows, nose and temples. It’s a real pain, however I’ve been using a little tub of magic cream over the past few weeks that has really helped inject life back into my face. In mid-December, I had a little delivery arrive at my door by Beauty Kitchen. Beauty Kitchen is a brand that thrive off natural, effective and affordable skincare – cooking up some incredible products for your face and body.

I was lucky enough to try out their Seahorse Plankton Everlasting Radiance Moisturiser, a hydration cream designed to rejuvenate, stimulate and reduce the effects of ageing – naturally. This moisturiser penetrates the skin, with ingredients such as camomile, sea kelp, angelica root and frankincense. So what’s the verdict?

On first impressions, it smells amazing (for a moisturiser). I’m pretty use to fowl scented skincare products after the hundreds I’ve tried over the years, but this one actually smells decent. It has a lovely silk like texture to it, that sinks straight into the skin on application without any of that greasy aftermath a lot of cream based moisturisers leave behind. When you first apply, your skin looks healthy, glowing and you can instantly feel hydration. It has a similar texture to a gel based serum rather than a moisturiser, but that’s just my opinion. Throughout the day, skin stays full of hydration keeping the flakey patches at bay. I’ve been using this morning and night and only a small amount is required. Because it’s a creamy/gel texture, a small amount spreads over a large amount of your face – Bonus!

I can’t wait to try more of the Beauty Kitchen range, I spent a good 30mins browsing though their website looking at the products and my wish list is growing as we speak. What’s your go to moisturiser, I’d love to know!


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