If you ask me 2017 has kicked off on a slow start, but one thing that hasn’t slowed down is this seasons Fashion Shows.

London Fashion Week Men’s has already flew by, along with Pitti Uomo and we’re now half way through Milan… but so far 2017 has been one of my favourite years in Fashion. If you haven’t been watching the highlights of the January shows, sit back and relax while I pick out my top 5 shows up to now this year.



Pre Fall 2017

To start off, this show wasn’t actually in 2017, but early December… however I was that blown away by the whole set up and clothing it would be rude not to include this. Introducing the Chanel Pre-Fall 2017 Paris Show. Have you seen this? If not… I suggest you take a look below. The whole concept of this blew me away. I love the location, which in fact is the newly refurbished Ritz Paris where Coco Chanel stayed for 30 plus years. The music was quirky and the concept was interesting. There was lots of white gold and black, glitter and feathers. I loved how they interacted with the crowd and waitresses, with hand and face gestures as if it was ‘real life’. It was such a unique show and a huge highlight to the end of the year.



Video | FF Channel

Topman Design

Autumn/Winter 2017

The Topman Design show was quirky and fun as always, yet I feel the collection this year is unlike previous ones we have seen. At the beginning we saw… let’s say, lots of tassels! Whether it was a jacket, shirt or scarf, dangly bits were everywhere. Then as the show moved on, we saw a lot of oversized pieces especially 90’s stye baggy trousers and pants. Denim made an appearance a few times, again… oversized on the lower half of the outfit. Towards the end of the show we saw a lot more vibrance with bright pinks, reds, yellows and blues – almost neon-like. A truly unique, but strange showcase for Topman! One of my favourite pieces from the show was an outfit 2 minutes in, where the model was wearing a yellow and red striped jumper under a dark grey jacket! It looked epic and I’m interested to see how these high end pieces are translated into the high street next Autumn.



Video | Male Fashion Trends


Spring/Summer 2017


The location was set as if you were in a Tropical Rainforest, with leaves and vines from the centre of the cat walk. It was pretty impressive. Out came an army of women dressed in safari-like clothing, oversized, draping and elegant. I felt like the collection belonged on wardrobe of Octopussy from James Bond. The range had whole relaxed yet seductive feel to it, with drapes of fabric to structure each design, partly relieving each ladies body. The whole show had a Amazonian feel, like a tribe of women down the catwalk. A very interesting concept for the fashion of 2017.


Video | FF Channel

Ermenegildo Zegna

Fall 2017


One thing that really drew my attention to this show was the impressive, abstract venue. Huge tall towers that looked like huts and gold fixtures to the floor was the setting for Ermenegildo Zegna 2017, showcasing a minimal collection with plenty of neutral shades. My kind of style! The whole collection was very formal with long overcoats, blazers, trousers and stunning bags. Although it was formal, it had quite the casual feel to it, pairing suits with sneakers and trench coats with caps.

Please can I have one of everything from this show!?

Video | Male Model Corp 3

Dolce & Gabbana 

Fall 2017


To round off the 5 shows you must watch from 2017 so far, I have to share with you my favourite show I’ve seen in a long time. The Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017. Now there are so many reasons to why I really enjoyed watching this, way beyond the clothing. Firstly, the venue was outstanding with a huge staircase and eerie decor. A wide catwalk with dramatic lighting and live performance for music. The show started with singer Austin Mahone performing Pretty & Young, continuing throughout the whole performance. For this season the fashion house invited influencers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, artists and models from the millennial generation – promoting the theme “real people”. The show started off with social media sensation Cameron Dallas, followed by the likes of Marcus Buttler, Jim Chapman, Diggy Simmons, Chen Xue Dong, Starlie Cheyenne, Neels Visser and oh they kept coming! This new face of fashion transformed the show into a modern performance of style… and 21st century talent.

Now, the clothing. Plenty of dark colours, black, burgundy, grey with classic patterns and designs. The collection felt quite ‘regal’, with crowns, crests and majestic royal designs. We also saw animal stuffed bombers which were quite interesting, along with glamorous velvet suits and sweatshirts. The Princes of DG really did put on a show.


Video | Male Model Corp 3

Top Images Marie Claire & Dolce & Gabbana


Which was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!



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