For me, life is about progression. I’ve always been one of those people who can never settle, aiming for self improvement, development and ultimately constantly moving forward. 2016 has been an amazing year, where I’ve completed many milestones and encountered some unforgettable experiences.


I wasn’t going to write a New Year post but looking back at 2016, I’ve started to realise how much I’ve accomplished personally and the goals I have set in stone for 2017 to continue to grow, as an aspiring young professional. Although 2016 has been pretty insane, I’ve got myself into habits and mindsets that I simply don’t like. That go against my values and outlook. My resolutions this year are simple changes to my lifestyle, that I hope will push me forward in the direction I want to go.

Looking Back.

The 21st July marked a 16 year accomplishment and an end to an extremely long era of education. My Graduation. The day was truly unbelievable, where I was surrounded by family and friends, positivity and happiness. I spent the day with some of my favourite people, celebrating what had been 3 years of hard work and ‘graft’. I was partly thrilled to be putting this chapter behind but still to this day a part of me wishes I was back there one more time. I guess I miss the student life!

To celebrate in style, I jetted off to NYC for 5 nights with 3 of my closest friends. What better way to relax, shop and party in style! This was by far one of the most incredible holidays of my life, experiencing a whole new way of life, culture and learning about the history of a city with so many stories. One of the most iconic highlights of the holiday was on our final night, where we sat on top of The Standard roof top bar watching the sun set over the New York City skyline. It was something out of a movie.

2016 also marked the start of my career. I managed to get myself a position in a local eCommerce company within their marketing department, where I could finally put my knowledge, blogging experience and photography to use. It was a difficult decision leaving my old job where I’d worked for 6 years but it was definitly worth it. Finally doing something I’m passionate about is so much more rewarding and it’s incredible to meet people who share the same passions and skills as you do.

Moving Forward.

So where does this leave me now? I’m now looking forward thinking about where can I improve, what can I do without and what do I need to gain. I definitly want to continue to grow in my career, seeking for new skills, knowledge within my sector and aiming to progress. I feel like although I’m pretty grounded in my position, I have so much more to learn – which excites me.

In terms of my lifestyle, I definitly need to work on my diet. I want to drink more water, eat cleaner and become stronger. Over the past few months I’ve become really lazy when it comes to food preparation and my JustEat account is taking a beating. So as of today, my priority is cleansing my pallet from the my bad eating habits.

A lot of my resolutions this year are little personal goals. I have a little note in my phone where I’m ready to tick them off once complete, but one that stands out to me is more of a mind set than an objective. I’m a sucker for doubting myself, believing that I’m not good enough for this or that, or that I’m not ready for something when I actually am. I really want to start pushing myself to take risks rather than putting an opportunity off where I could be missing out on such great things. It’s a pretty tough one to crack but I’m slowly working on this.

I just want to take a second, to thank everyone who has supported me throughout this year. Half of my achievements I wouldn’t have done without my friends, family, colleagues, tutors and lecturers… but also I’d like to thank the brands and PR agencies I’ve worked with over 2016. I’ve had amazing opportunities to work with some of my favourite brands on collaborations and that itself is a dream.

Happy 3rd Birthday to The G Edit.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations, have fun, stay safe and welcome 2017 with open arms.

lots of love,



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