In today’s world of business and technology, your day revolves heavily around one thing. Your mobile phone! According to the Daily Mail, the average person looks at their phone around 76 times per day, checking their emails, social media, text messages and using features like their camera or music. That’s a hell of a lot of phone action.

I’m a self-confessed mobile addict. I LIVE for social media and my mobile phone is a huge part of my day to day life, keeping track of my appointments and meeting, using the camera for my blog and capturing special memories, connecting with distant and local friends and much, much more. But using your phone so much can lead to one thing. DAMAGE!

Over the years I’ve dropped, scratched and damaged my phone on countless occasions, with multiple replacements and LOTS of money wasted. I use to have the attitude of ‘a phone cover makes your phone look ugly’ but boy was I wrong! Very wrong. A phone cover protects a phone and saves poor Gianni hundreds of pounds replacing phones he’s dropped!

This brings me onto the point of this post. UAG contacted me asking if I’d try out their phone case! It was completely unsponsored and they wanted to share with me their insane designs to see what I thought! UAG (Urban Armor Gear) specialise in military spec phone cases designed for the ultimate protection. Military spec is designed to withstand tough environments after multiple commercial standard tests. These tests include dropping the phone from 48 inches over 28 times with no damage to the device!


But is the case practical?

On first impressions, the case is super light and thin. I was expecting bulky, thick plastic cover but this was quite the opposite. The design is made from a thin yet super strong plastic body, with impact resistant sides and protected scratch resistant skid pads. It clips to the phone snug, hardly increasing the side of the whole device meaning it fits perfect in your pocket.

Besides looking great, I have total piece of mind that I’m all protected from drops, scratches and bangs knowing that my phone is safe, especially with such a busy lifestyle.

Having a decent phone case is definitely a lesson learned for me!

Want to learn a little more?

Check out UAG and their awesome cases for Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC and more!


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