When you have a super busy lifestyle, your sleep is one of the most important things. Getting a good 7 hours in is sometimes very difficult, so making sure you’re all set to hit the pillow as is a MUST.


I’m a weird sleeper. Sometimes I can hit the pillow and I’m out until my alarm goes off, then sometimes it can take me 1 hour… 2 hours… 3 hours… till I actually fall asleep. I guess this is normal, right? Recently I’ve been switching up a few things and making myself a super easy routine that sends me off to sleep straight away. This is something I didn’t really plan at first, until I realised my sleeping patterns were really improving with a few simple things. Listen up loves…

Cup Of Tea.

Honestly all problems in my life are solved by putting your feet up with a cup of tea. It’s a rolling motto at the moment. But no, seriously, get yourself a cup of tea before bed. I’ve made this a total routine of mine. It makes me all warm and calm, totally winding me down before I head to sleep. I tend to switch up what tea I have, sometimes a good old Yorkshire brew, then sometimes a nice green tea. I’ve also been loving the Tetley’s Super Fruits Lemon Tea. This is designed to boost and improve your immune system but the lemon is a perfect bedtime treat. The tea also contains Vitamin C and contributes to a healthy/balanced diet.

Switch Off.

I’m a total sucker for lying in bed on my phone before bed, yet we all know how bad that actually is for getting a good nights sleep. I admit, it’s pretty difficult, especially when my career and passion evolves around social media. BUT…. I’ve been trying so hard lately to put down my phone 1 hour or even half an hour before I go to bed. I’ve heard your phone screen emits a blue light, this has been known to cause issues with sleep. Apple have created a new feature called Night Shift which tints the screen removing this, but searching social media and chatting to friends keeps your brain active. Something that won’t help you drift off to sleep! It’s generally working for me putting my phone away before bed and it’s something that I’m trying my hardest to stick at.


Clean Up.

95% of the time I wash my face before bed. It’s so rare that I don’t but sometimes, maybe after a late night with friends or a long day at work I forget (I know, bad skincare blogger). But when you have a freshly cleansed face, toned, moisturised and whatever other remedies you apply, you feel so much better. You feel refreshed and nourished, which helps you wind down.

Keep Food Before 7pm.

This speaks for its self. People say try not to eat after 8pm but I’ve been trying so hard to not eat after 7. Not only does eating food before this time allow your body to digest before sleep, it also helps reduce weight gain and heart burn. I’ve started having bigger lunches and smaller dinners. This way your body can burn off the large lunch over the day rather than on an evening where you’re less likely to be doing much movement or exercise.


Think Happy Thoughts.

Easier said than done I know. But whatever struggles you’re having whether that be at work, home, relationships, money… whatever the problem is, try hard to put them aside for bed. Take your mind off the day by reading a good book, I’ve been loving Jo Malone’s Autobiography at the moment. It’s super interesting! If you’re not a book lover, why not browse through your favourite magazine. You may not realise but by doing this you’re distracted from the stress of the day, calming your body and mind.


Your Sleeping Environment.

And lastly, think about the obvious. Turn off any annoying devices that hummm or have any flashing lights. I use to have a camera charger that had an annoying bright yellow LED. This use to illuminate my room and drive me insane. If you like the dark, purchase some curtain black out liners. Stop drinking coffee too late. Don’t drink fizzy drinks on the evening. Make sure you’ve been to the toilet before you get into bed. Make sure the room temperature is right.

All of these little and silly details can make a huge impact to your good night’s sleep. Try it!



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