Damn Gianni. Back at it again with the 5 things post! Yes, and on a lighter note than my previous ‘life’ write ups (yeeeeey). I’m on a high with life at the moment with some very exciting things to be looking forward to! I’ve learnt lately, that sometimes in life you really need to look at the smaller things and find happiness from them.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the lives we have and the privileges we take for granted. Amazing family, comfortable living, our good health, wonderful friends and more… so lately I’ve been looking at the smaller things in life and how subtle differences, changes and actions can make one feel a new person.


Favourite Flowers. 

I’m a total sucker for a bouquet. My friends will tell you that a bunch of flowers is the way to my heart and a fresh bouquet in a tall vase is the perfect way to freshen up your room. Trust me, it actually works! The idea of something being fresh automatically takes away depression, anger and frustration you may have, so why not pop down to your local florist and pick up a bunch of your favourite flowers to lift the atmosphere around your home.

Favourite Scent.

Whenever I’m feeling blue, I always take a long bath with my favourite soaps and creams, I always give myself a nice tidy up around my beard, take that little extra time doing my hair and finish off with my favourite scent. This is the perfect opportunity to spritz one of my Jo Malone London colognes or my classic Terre D’Hermes. This immediately lifts you up giving you a boost of confidence ready to leave the house feeling ready! It’s insane how an extra dose of confidence makes such a huge difference to your day, not to mention a complement or two on your scent “Ooo Gianni what are you wearing?”.


Favourite Read.

When it comes to reading I’ll tell you the truth, books don’t really appeal to me. However, my idea of reading is a good old magazine. Now, I have quite a few favourites. I tend to order mine online in bulk, so I have a good batch full to read over a few weeks worth of time. Here’s a few; Cereal Magazine, Kinfolk, Hello Mr, Wallpaper Magazine, Vouge, Mr Porter Paper, GQ and Blogosphere. Yes, these all are slightly more expensive than your standard OK Magazine, but you’ll find that the quality of writing is on a whole other level. You also get less of the junk articles that don’t appeal to you, so why not do a little bit of research and find your perfect bespoke mag! Magazines fill me with so much inspiration and ambition, two things that are a real boost for me and I totally thrive off.

Favourite Music.

Spotify is life. Yes, LIFE. I’ve discovered so many amazing artists through Spotify that have totally transformed my mood. Music is magical, it’s true! And the thing I love about Spotify is it analyses what you listen to and suggests music that you’ll actually like! My ‘Discover Weekly’ is on none stop, at work through my headphones and around the house while I’m getting on with life, chilling in my room or cooking the tea. If you’re not already subscribed to my Spotify playlist, I suggest you do go do it here. It’s pretty great!

Favourite People. 

All of those above are great, but nothing beats talking to a friend or someone special. The best conversations are with those people who are totally on the same wave length. Who share the same desires, ambitions, life goals, interests and passions. These are the conversations you look back at your phone and say “WOW, have we been talking 2 hours?” and those conversations that repeat on your mind giving you that twitch of a smile. Surrounding yourself with friends and special people is one of the most incredible ways of taking you from 0-10 in seconds.

What are the things that make you happy?



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