Interviews can be tough. Like, really tough. Especially if you’re super passionate about the job you’ve applied for. It’s amazing getting to the point of ‘the interview process’ and you’re one step closer, but at this point it’s the first impressions that count. Here are my essentials for landing yourself that dream career!

According to the Daily Mail, you only have 6 minutes and 29 seconds to make a good first impression and 365 seconds for the interviewer to decide if you’re right for the role. That’s not a lot of time at all, especially if you have loads to tell him/her about yourself. Making the right impression first time is imperative for the interviewer to remember you, especially if there’s another 30 people getting interviewed for the position.

I think first thing’s first and the priority when it comes to an interview, is to do your research. Being someone who has been on both sides of the interview table, lack of knowledge about the position you’re applying for and company itself is a disaster waiting to happen. It won’t be long before the interviewer asks “So tell me a bit about your knowledge of _______” or “Which of our latest promotions has caught your eye?”. Having no answer is slightly embarrassing and off putting to the interviewer, because to them, you simply aren’t bothered enough. A day or two before the interview, make sure you have gone through their entire website making notes of their latest news, events, products, services, company background/history… check out their social media accounts, look at what charities they support, clients and CSR activity… anything you can surprise them with. Don’t worry, interviewers aren’t expecting you to know everything, but an unexpected trick or two up your sleeve to impress them with always helps start off the interview well. 

Outfit! Extremely important. Now, suitable outfits vary ever so slightly depending on the role, but formal attire is a must to me no matter what the uniform dress code is. I tend to wear trousers, shirt and tie. Polished shoes and of course freshly washed/ironed clothes. Personally, I tend to skip the suit jacket (just personal preference). Although I like to stay formal, with every interview I’ve had it’s felt right to leave the jacket at home. 

If you’re looking for an affordable, top quality outfit, Jacamo is the place to be. Jacamo have outfits for all occasions (especially attire perfect for interviews). It’s even better if you’re like me, that can never find a pair of trousers that fit you nicely (big butt problems). Their range of clothing and sizes is impressive ranging from 14 to 23 collar size and 30 to 64 waist. Short, medium, long… inside leg, cut, colour… you name it they will have your perfect fit. 

I think a clean, crisp white shirt is always a safe bet when it comes to interview attire. I’m especially loving this Scott & Taylor Shirt paired with these super comfy Skopes Madrid Navy Trousers. Lastly some brown shoes, brown belt and grey tie to finish. Do you like the look? Scroll down for links to the whole outfit.

Make sure you’ve had a fresh shower, lots of antiperspirant (nerves can get you a little sweaty), a spritz of your favourite cologne, hair styled, clean shave/trimmed beard and you’re good to go. 



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Always be polite, stand when the interviewer comes out to greet you and introduce yourself with a firm yet gentle hand shake. The rest is yours!

I hope these top tips have helped you prepare yourself and best of luck if you’re waiting for that all important interview day.

What are your top interview tips?

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