Fragrance is like a fingerprint. Something that can bring back a memory that will last forever. Something that can trigger a thought, about a special person, place, occasion or moment. The power of scent is a beautiful thing and today, I have two very special fragrances to tell you all about. 

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Penhaligon is a brand that to me screams luxury. Luxury and individuality. Individuality is really important to me when finding the perfect cologne, because I want to stand out among the vast variety of scents around the office. I want people to notice my scent and say “Gianni, you smell amazing what are you wearing?” and trust me when I say, you’ll get just that with Penhaligon. 

Bold, Sophisticated & Mysterious.

A very important aspect of these fragrances, is where the inspiration to their scent came from. When I mentioned how certain scents can take you back to memories, they can also take you back to locations. The fragrances are part of the Trade Routes Collection, inspired by British world trade and how London became the Warehouse of the World, holding some of the rarest treasures, ingredients and discoveries. 

The two fragrances I have today take us back to Egypt, containing precious ingredients creating these unique and powerful scents. Egypt is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, ever since History lessons in school. A place that has so many mysteries yet to be discovered. I’ve always been encapsulated by their culture and way of life, how everything is stripped down to the foundations and how there is a story behind tradition. 

Alizarin – Eau de Parfum

Alizarin is inspired by Egypt’s antiquity. It’s based around ingredients used in ancient perfumery. An art form that has inspired many across the world and methods/ingredients still used in todays perfume manufacture.

Top Notes

Mandarin, Narcisse 

Heart Notes

Tuberose, Orris and Mimosa

Base Notes

Oud, Papyrus, Guaiac Wood, Resins and Amber

You can really pick out the Amber within this one, a much loved favourite of mine and something I look for when purchasing a cologne. It also has a sweetness to it, probably the mandarin within the top notes. It’s very sophisticate, masculine and sensual. Very seductive yet subtle, warm and indulgent.

Oud de Nil – Eau de Parfum

The Oud de Nil is again inspired by the luxurious ingredients in ancient perfumes within Egypt however, while Alizarin is very deep, bold and mysterious… Oud de Nil is quite the opposite. Inspired by the River Nile, desert winds and exotic fruits.

Top Notes

Bergamot and Grapefruit 

Heart Notes

Jasmine, Rose, Geranium and Orange Blossom

Base Notes

Oud, Papyrus, Guaiac Wood, Resins and Amber

This is literally a perfect combination of all the ingredients I love in fragrances. Bergamot, Jasmine, Oud and Amber. Could this fragrance be any more perfect? These four ingredients are my all time favourite when hunting for the perfect scent and here they are, combined in a beautiful formula with other complementing fragrances. Grapefruit and Orange Blossom give it a subtle sweetness whilst Resin and Papyrus give it that bold edge once the perfume settles into your skin.

Whilst both of these fragrances are labeled as Male, they are completely unisex and I’m a firm believer that you can’t put a gender on a cologne. Scent is all about individuality as I’ve said before and your scent should relate to your likes and dislikes.

That’s the beauty of fragrance. 

So the part you’ve all been waiting for. How do you grab yourself a bottle worth £156? Well the link below will take you to a tweet on my Twitter account. Simply follow me if you aren’t already, the retweet! 



Tell me, what’s your favourite fragrance?

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