My blogging journey has been insane. I’ve met so many great people, had so many incredible experiences, collaborated with brands I love and much more. It’s a little over 3 years now since I’ve had this little spot on the internet and I’ve experienced/learnt an awful lot, good and bad. Today, I’m going to share a few of those lessons with you.

Opportunities | I think this point says it all. Opportunities are my greatest achievement with my blog. I’ve attended awesome events, traveled to parts of the country, collaborated with international brands and had the chance to meet so many people, some I now call my ‘internet buddies’. All of these opportunities would have never happened without The G Edit. 

Ups and Downs | Blogging hasn’t always been fun. It’s brought me so much joy and happiness, but also disappointment and upset. For example, there has been so many times I haven’t been able to attend amazing events and opportunities because of my location in the UK. Living up North ain’t too fun in the blogging world. Most events happen in London or down South and sometimes a £120 train fair can’t be justified. I’ve also learnt not everyone on the internet is nice. Over the 3 years I’ve had the odd comment, dislike or tweet that has been very negative and unsupportive. But blogging has taught me that sometimes, you’ve gotta keep your head held high and point those middle fingers up to the haters. 

Networking | If I could say one thing that I’ve learnt this year that’s proven to be most valuable, it would be networking. Getting your name out there and making professional connections. I’ve landed myself a career through networking, some incredible support groups and some life long friends. Share your business cards, connect with people you meet on LinkedIn and basically have the balls to say “Hi, my name’s Gianni…”. 

Sometimes, Say No | Although I’ve said yes to so many opportunities over the last few years, I’ve also learnt that saying no is just as important. When I first started getting approached by brands, I was amazed. Truth be told, ‘free products’ coming left, right and centre was incredible and something I’d never thought would ever happen. But I got into this phase of just accepting anything that was put in front of me and I started reviewing products I wasn’t too passionate about, so I began to say no. Don’t get me wrong, a brand wanting to work with me gives me the utter most respect and appreciation for that opportunity. However, I’ve learnt that with blogging comes honesty, therefore now you’ll never see anything on The G Edit that I’m not insanely in love with.

It’s A Big World | I guess I never really knew how big the blogging industry was. When I started my blog, I knew of a few other bloggers. I use to read blogs but only a few. I’d heard of Zoella, my friend Megan and a few others. But as the months past, the scope of the blogosphere was insane… and tough to get noticed. I found it hard to get my name out there and it seemed that getting noticed was mission impossible.

It’s Not A Competition | This kind of leads me onto my next point. Blogging isn’t a competition. For a good few months I was obsessed with growing my following and ultimately getting so low when my follower count wasn’t shifting. But now, all has changed. My following rating doesn’t phase me and my blog is for me and the readers who do read it. I’ve now got this mentality where a following isn’t everything and I see some bloggers so obsessed with numbers, they forget about the content and why they started their internet space in the first place. 

Inspiration | I think I’ve changed as a person a hell of a lot because of blogging over the last few years, solely because of other people. I’m one of those people who love to be inspired and inspiration is what I thrive off. Allowing people to inspire you lets you find out and discover what you as a person really like… and dislike. 

It’s My Baby | Ultimately, 3 years has taught me that The G Edit is my little baby. It’s my own space on the internet that I look at and think to myself, well fu&king done. I’ve watched myself grow as a writer, photographer and editor. I’ve watched myself connect with amazing people, approach new situations and persevered at maintaining this site. It’s my online diary, portfolio and personality. I’m so ready to continue learning, networking and to keep producing the content I love. 

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Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me on this journey. Whether you’re a brand, reader, follower, friend or family… without you everything over the last three years wouldn’t have happened. 

So much love for you all. 

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