Ever felt you aren’t making the most out of social media? Want to learn a trick or two on how to smash Tweeting and Instagramming? Stick around because I have 5 tips that will step up your social media game. 


Scheduling is priority when it comes to stepping up your social strategy. I literally couldn’t imagine doing what I do on Twitter and Facebook without scheduling my Tweets so they post automatically. There are many different tools and websites you can use to schedule but my favourite is Buffer. Buffer makes posting to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and even reminders for Instagram soooooooo easy. Oh, and it’s completely free! Buffer also lets you optimise your best times to tweet based on your followers engagement from past tweets, how clever is that? If you’re wanting a little more out of Buffer, you can pay a small fee a month and get interesting insights and analytics on your accounts, such as what are your post popular posts, most liked, least popular etc. I tend to filter it to see what are my ‘most popular’ Tweets are so I can see if it’s due to a certain hashtag, theme or topic. It’s also really interesting seeing what your readers and followers like most about your content from an analytical perspective.


I really believe a good cohesive Instagram theme get’s your account noticed. I’m a total sucker for an aesthetic layout, consistent colouring and an Instagrammer that really makes their page their own. It’s what makes me want to follow. My ideal Instagram is someone that’s really creative with their surrounding, combining different angles, scenes and colours. Here’s an awesome post about how to make a cohesive Instagram theme.

Catchy Headlines 

Grabbing your readers attention is the best way to direct them to your blog, so pick a good blog title, tweet or Facebook headline to make them want to dive into your post. You’ve seen this before on YouTube video’s where a YouTuber will post a video called “I ALMOST DIED!”. It turns out the electricity in a lift turned off for 1 minute before the power came back on. But I can guarantee thousands of people watched that video to find out what actually happened. My point is catchy headlines draw people into your post so maybe instead of ‘Mac Foundation Review’, use “My Guide To Finding Your Perfect Dewy Foundation”. It’s something a little bit more interesting and not so… bland.


I tend to find some of my oldest posts are the ones that still get the best traffic and direct a lot of people to my blog. This is why reposting your older posts is essential to keep that flow of readers and visitors to your blog and social pages. I tend to repost my travel/lifestyle/food and popular posts as these topics do really well.


Monitor, monitor, monitor. This is the key to a successful social strategy. As I mentioned before look at what’s doing well and what isn’t doing well. Look at trending hashtags and what hashtags are working (and aren’t working) so you can improve, change and edit them. Jot down notes of what posts have done well so you can create similar content in the future! 

Try these tips and see how your social media game improves, be sure to follow me on all my social accounts below and let me know if you like this kind of post? I have plenty more tips and tricks up my sleeve!

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