Hello everyone, how y’all doing? I feel like I haven’t sat down and typed away about general life in such a long time, so guess what I’m doing today? You know it, sitting down and talking about life.


June-July has been absolutely crazy, and July has only just started! When I say crazy, I mean probably the best two months of my life. So much has happened I’m finding it hard to keep up with myself.


Where do I begin? The highlight of June has to be New York City. I feel like I haven’t stopped going on about this holiday to the States but it seriously was incredible. I’ve got so much blog content from NYC but I didn’t want to just throw it all on the blog straight away and instead, stagger it over a couple of months. I’ve already listed my Top 5 Places To Eat In New York post, so watch this space for lots more! I’m also going to run through what I picked up from new York in terms of skincare and I have some gorgeous Aesop purchases soon to be released on The G Edit. Who’s excited?


Yoncé, Yoncé. Oh yes. It happened.. and it was incredible. Beyonce was another highlight of June and she now sits on her thrown at the top of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. Literally everything about it was perfect. I took a trip down to Sunderland with my best friend to see the one and only Beyonce perform her first Europe Formation Concert and I can say it was better than what I ever expected… not exaggerating one bit. Not only was her singing and dancing on fleeeeek, the whole stage, performance, lighting… fireworks…. it was god damn special!


I graduated. With a First Class Honours Degree (**insert painting nails emoji**). After a long and tough three years studying Marketing at Teesside University, I all the hard work has paid off (as cliche as it sounds). Paid off as in I got a bloody first! I remember going into University with my mind set on a 2:1 and in the position I was in it was so far away. But after a sloppy start in first year, I’m so glad I put my head down and spent hours on end in the library. I can’t thank my friends, tutors and family enough for pushing me and pushing me and always being there for support because seriously, I wouldn’t have that grade otherwise. THANK YOU xo

All I’m saying now is roll on graduation!


I’m now two full, solid months into my brand new job. Hold up… career! Yes. It’s going great. For those of you who don’t know I landed myself a job in a local eCommerce company as a Social Media Executive. Basically I manage different companies social media accounts, building strategies and monitoring their social activity! It’s super cool. I’ve already learnt so much and I’m 100% ears open to learn more. Leaving my old job was such a hard decision… and a scary one, so I’m really happy that I love my new team and working environment.

And that’s all for now folks. What’s happening in your life, I want to know!



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