I’m all about testing and trying the new releases from Braun and for someone that has facial hair that grows at a ridiculous speed, shaving is a big part of my morning routine… every morning.

For me, I make sure the product I use does the job fast. I tend to have a medium length stubble around my neck and cheeks, then I have a clean shave underneath to tidy it up. This is where my new gadget makes life a hell of a lot easier. Usually every morning, I take a double edged razor to tidy up this area which involves warming my neck with a hot towel, applying a large amount of foam, shaving the hair off then washing up after it’s all done – this usually takes around 15 minutes.

Not anymore…

The Braun Series 9 makes a quick and easy job of this, taking my usual 15 minute routine dramatically down to literally 2 minutes. Yes! Two minutes. 13 minutes may not seem a lot but when you’re not a morning person like me – it makes a huge difference. I like to take advantage of my snooze button!

The Series 9 Wet&Dry Shaver is engineered with the most exquisite detail, incorporating Braun’s finest technology that’s been developed over the years. The shaving head is built from 5 key components.

  • Hyperlift & Cut Trimmers – designed for cutting hair around the neck and chin area
  • Direct & Cut Trimmer – designed to capture hair growing in different directions
  • OptiFoil – designed to get the closest and longer lasting cut
  • Sonic Technology – over 10,000 vibrations per minute
  • Flexible Shaving Head – adapts to the natural contour of your face

Doesn’t that all sound cool?


This creates the perfect and closest shave, minimising irritation and discomfort. The blades are super thin and the technology allows all strands of hair in different directions to be cut simultaneously, with over 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. That’s a lot of cutting!



So what do I think of it?

Amazing. Like I said before this seriously reduces my morning routine, giving me a ‘wet shave like’ trim, with zero irritation and zero fuss. I literally just pick this up and it takes no longer than two minutes for a morning tidy up. I really like how this can be used in wet environments too, as it allows me to take it to the gym and not worry about where I’m placing it around the bathroom. It also works amazing if your face is slightly wet, allowing it to glide over your face even better.

It comes with a very nice, hard shell travel case that’s compact and light, perfect for storing in your wash bag. Of course, with most Braun shavers there is a precision trimmer on the back for touching up those lose hairs around your stubble and side burns.


Still looking for a last minute Father’s Day present? Well this is by far the best choice I can think of. Men love shaving products and I can guarantee they will love this state of the art technology from Braun. An investment you won’t regret.

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