‘Matcha? Isn’t that, that green powder stuff?”… Oh it’s a whole lot more than green powder! Listen up guys because I have some exciting new things to show you.

The whole craze of matcha has been the ultimate lifestyle hype over the last few years for so many reasons. I remember when I first heard of matcha, as this mystical ingredient that transformed food, drinks and everything consumable. I was lucky enough to be sent these products from Teapigs containing matcha and I thought it was only right to express how much love I have for this range.

For those of you who are thinking ‘what on earth is matcha and what is he going on about’ let me give you a little bit of background info:

Matcha is a processed and finely ground powder form of green tea, containing an incredible amount of nutrients and around 135 times more antioxidants than a regular cup of green tea. There’s nothing new about this to the people of China, as it has been used in their day to day life for many years. Among the nutritional benefits, it’s been said that matcha boosts metabolic rates, calms the mind and body, lowers cholesterol, aids concentration and provides Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium. Wow!

This stuff sounds super good right? Well let me talk more about the range.

The range is made up from matcha super drinks including elderflower and apple flavours, matcha ‘on-the-go’ shot sachets and organic matcha powder. Let’s start off with the pre-made drinks.

First things first, these are delicious! Like seriously yummy stuff. They are perfect for traveling or to put in a pack lunch for the day. I take these to work to have as a mid morning snack! They are super healthy and literally taste so good. My favourite is the elderflower, it’s refreshing and so enjoyable to drink. I recommend drinking these with a few ice cubes as it tastes so damn good ice cold!

The matcha ‘on-the-go’ sachets are perfect for taking with you to work, on holiday or giving to friends. Stirring one of these into boiling hot water gives you an easy matcha tea. Again, I take these to work with me – one for my afternoon brew. It tastes just like green tea, but you get the benefits of 10 (True Fact)!

Finally the organic matcha powder makes matcha fun and creative! You can easily incorporate this into your baking or cooking. Put a few tea spoons into your cup cakes, on top of your cereal, cheesecake or even your home made curry! The possibilities are endless and because matcha powder doesn’t have much of a taste it can be literally put into anything. I’ve left some inspirational ideas below!

I’ve been drinking matcha tea for around 12 days now and I’d say it’s way too soon to give a final verdict on the health benefits, but I definitely have felt a lot more healthier in terms of my hayfiever and day to day life. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my skin over the last week – so if this is down to matcha tea I’m drinking this stuff forever!

For more info check out the products here….

Matcha Powder


Matcha Sachets


Matcha Drinks


Matcha Latte Gift Set

This has seriously changed my perception on green tea and it fits perfectly into my diet and lifestyle. I’ll keep you all updated in a few weeks if I can feel or notice any dramatic differences to my health but I have high hopes for this stuff!

Have you ever had matcha? Let me know your thoughts.



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