There’s one thing I know about feeling positive and that’s looking good, makes all the difference. I know that when I leave the house with a tidy beard… I’m in for a good day. My confidence is risen, my attitude is at it’s best and I look god damn fresh.

But keeping yourself well groomed comes with a little help, a tool or device that is your trusty weapon in the battle of manscaping. My arsenal today is from Braun – and they have some brand spanking, new and improved gear for people who love a flawless shave, designer stubble or a super slick beard. Today I’m going to run through a few of my favourites from their 6 new products and tell you all how anyone can create their perfect style with the #artofprecision. 

First on my favourites list is the Braun Beard Trimmer BT5010. This lightweight, high performance device is the ultimate method for keeping your designer stubble at the perfect length. With 25 lengths to choose from, you can use it for trimming one area and removing others. This is ideal for how I like mine, medium length around the cheeks and chin, then close to the skin around my neck. I usually wet shave around my neck area but that takes time… so on those rushed mornings this is my perfect solution to looking slick before work. This is definitely the ultimate man tool.

My second favourite is the Braun BodyGroomer BG5030. Now I’ve already done an in-depth review about this product here, but I seriously can’t get enough of how easy this product makes manscaping in areas other than your face. This piece of kit is completely waterproof making it ideal for using in the shower. The teeth on this razor are super compact, making it less likely to accidentally nip your skin in sensitive areas. There’s also different guards you can use depending on where and how long you want the hair cutting. If all that wasn’t enough, the power of Gillette blades is also combined with an adjustable razor on the back for those areas you want totally free from hair. It also comes with a charging stand so it’s constantly charged for the times you need it most, so I have it sat on my desk ready to grab and go.

Finally, my third favourite is something quite new to me, the Braun BodyGrooming Kit. With 40 tweezers using Close-Grip technology it can remove hair up to 0.5mm long. The device also has a light for super precise guidance, illuminating the skin so hairs arent missed. Better yet, this also works in the shower! Using a product like this can leave your hair gone for up to 4 weeks. I use this on my back, feet and chest – making it super easy and fast to remove unwanted hair.

If you’re in need for a refresh on your grooming essentials, this is the perfect collection for you. 

Discover more at or search the hashtag #artofprecision.

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