I’m a firm believer that talent comes from passion and without a passion, there is no talent. When you’re born everyone is equal and interests, intelligence and ability (generally speaking) comes from the individuals passion.

Let me explain. I love computers and I would look forward to a Friday afternoon, where we would all go to the computer labs in primary school and play on computer programs where we could move up levels by completing silly games. I also loved when we had IT lessons in school, and Business lessons for that matter – because the majority of the coursework was on computers unlike Maths and English. Little did I know, I took A Level IT and Business, then a Marketing degree and landed myself in a career with Social Media. Interest. Development. Passion.

Fortunately I’m one of those people who have always had a career path – aims to where I want to be and how I’m going to get there. However, I have so many friends that are those “I don’t know what I want to do ‘when I’m older'” or “Wish I had an idea where I want to be” wishing they had some idea of what they want to do. Today I’m going to be giving some good old Gianni advice, hopefully to inspire and motivate those people who need that bit of a helping hand to achieve their goals – and hopefully point out why you feel you’re not succeeding.

You Haven’t Asked For Guidance

The human race seems to have a problem with asking for help. They feel weak and vulnerable, but asking for help can open many doors, teach you many new things and allow you to progress easier and more efficiently in whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s your family, friend, teacher, tutor, boss, assistant, colleague or LinkedIn contact…. asking for help isn’t a bad thing. Trust me, it ain’t hard!

If anything, a lot of people like to actually give help as it’s a chance they can show off their skills and their knowledge. I’ve learnt over the years that people love to talk about themselves, so for example by asking the question “How did you get into the industry and position you’re in?”, you’re bound to get a really good and informative answer. Asking simple questions like this and absorbing other peoples experiences and knowledge, it can enlighten your path and journey.


Your Goals Aren’t Achievable

One thing I learnt in college and university that I will never forget are SMART objectives. Now you’re probably thinking, Gianni, this is to do with business – but no, they can be applied to real life too. For those of you who aren’t aware of what SMART objectives are – it’s a business framework to make your objectives and goals more achievable.

S – Specific | M – Measurable | A – Achievable | R – Realistic | T – Timely 

Instead of saying “I want a job in public relations”, say “I want a position within the public relations industry by conducting 2 years volunteer work starting September 2016”. Do you see the difference? Your simplistic goal now has benchmarks, so you can measure how successful your goal is and track your performance. I recommend setting yourself 5 progression goals that are short, medium and long term and by doing this, you are sure to reach your aims.

You Don’t See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

One of the biggest problems people have on a journey to success is not believing in their plan and most importantly themselves. It always goes back to the phrase – positive mind, positive vibe, positive life. There’s a small chance you will reach where you want to be if you don’t believe you can do it and you’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Plan yourself a chart listing the stages in your plan, and by what month/date of the year you want to achieve them by. This can be just a rough estimate to guide you on your way and if you don’t reach them bang on time – that’s fine! Work on why you didn’t achieve them and what can be done to make your plan more effective. I’ve got myself a little timeline for over the next 25 years, outlining where I want to be in life. It’s super brief, but allows me to know where I’m heading. ALSO… this is forever changing. There’s nothing wrong with your plan changing as long as the end goal is in mind.

You’ve Overcomplicated Things – Simplify It

Make thing’s simple and don’t over complicate your plan. If you’re passionate about what you want to do, it should come naturally. Practice makes perfect – so if it’s experience you need, then find it! Apply for shadowing opportunities, free volunteer work or works experience. I realised in my career path that although I had the education to get my dream job, experience little did I have and I was making this idea of experience all too complicated! All of my friends at university had attended placements during the holidays and I made the mistake of missing out on these. I had the attitude that they were pointless and that I ‘didn’t need to do one’. I was wrong! All of the vacancies I was looking at needed experience, so I contacted a friend and managed to land myself 6 weeks of experience as a Marketing Assistant in a local college. I learnt so much and gained so many connections, giving me the career I have today.

You Lack Perseverance And Patience 

At the end of the day, whatever journey, plan, idea you have – perseverance and patience are the two factors that will allow you to reach your goal. Some goals will take years to reach, but that’s the beauty of time. Fill that time allowing yourself to gain the most experience you can, whether that’s work experience, meeting new people, advancing your skill/talent, networking ….. the opportunities are endless.

Start thinking why you’re not succeeding – drive your passions and allow your progression to move forward!

What do you do to achieve your goals?


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