Interior design is my passion and I can’t wait for the day I get my own house to put together all of the ideas and designs I’ve collected over the years. On my Instagram (@thisisgiannic) I get a lot of comments about the shelves I put up in my room, where I showcase thing’s I’ve collected, ornaments and lots more. Today I thought I’d share with you how I came up with this look.



The wall in my room before was plain white and it needed something to make the corner stand out some more. Did I want shelving, artwork… a TV? I didn’t have a clue what I wanted, but at the time I was loving industrial lighting and the whole urban design, so whilst browsing through Pinterest I found one of those ‘Hacks’ – someone used simple industrial shelving and spray pained it copper to create a feature in their kitchen. Brilliant I thought and this is where my idea came from!

I drove down to my local B&Q (DIY Store) and I went to the shelving isle. I came across these pre-painted white brackets and white shelves that were perfect! They were super easy to put up too. All you had to do was simply drill three holes vertically down the wall for each bracket (I used two vertical brackets), then once they were screwed into the wall, the shelving brackets just clip in. Finally, you sat the shelves on top of these brackets and finito. You’re done!


The next step is to make the shelves look super sexy. Over the years I’ve had so many things/themes on these shelves… from all of my skincare, to my shoes, artwork, ornaments… you name it! It’s been on here. I also became kind of obsessed with moving them around and posting this onto my Instagram – Yes I’m an official weirdo!

But the secret to making your shelves look aesthetically pleasing is simplicity and composition. Organised clutter and strategic placing is what it’s all about, experimenting with the hight of the things you’re putting on, colour and positioning. At the moment, I’m showcasing a lot of my designer packaging and bag’s I’ve collected along with thing’s I’ve picked up on my travels and of course, candles!

Resting your ornaments on magazines and books can give a sophisticated look to your shelving. Stacking boxes and resting artwork behind ornaments can also give that composed look. I love shops like Oliver Bonas, West Elm and MadeInDesign for cute ornamental elements like I have here. These three are literally havens of homeware accessories, artwork and every furnishing you can think of.


A photo posted by Gianni Casagrande (@thisisgiannic) on May 4, 2016 at 3:55am PDT


It’s literally that simple! I hope you liked this little insight into shelving and how you can create an affordable, minimalistic feature to any room of the home.

Do you have any feature shelves in your home? Tag #thegedituk in your photo because I’d love to see!


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