May is the most hectic month in 2016 so far, so much happening in such a small amount of time – but all is good and the next few months will be super exciting… let me explain.


1. Firstly this month, I’ve spent day and night finishing off all of my university assignments, printing, binding and submitting them! Not to mention completing the dreaded dissertation. But all that hard work and effort has now paid off and they are all in – which means uni is finished. WHAT? Yes, finished…. it feels so weird typing that and I literally don’t know what to do with myself now. No more 2am library sessions, coffee every 15 minutes and meal deals!

2. This month also became the end of a really big chapter of my life. I finally handed my notice in to a job I’ve literally been in since I was 16 years old and it was pretty scary! Scary in such a good way because I know that although I’m leaving a big part of my life, I’m moving into a better career and the friends I’ve left behind I will still see. Someone told me that no matter where you are in life, the friends that are true friends will never be left behind, and this is so true.

3. This leads me onto my new career, I’ve managed to land myself a job as a social media executive in a super cool e-commerce company here in Teesside. I literally can’t wait to start and get stuck into doing what I love doing, meeting new people and being a part of a whole new business culture. I will keep y’all updated on this new chapter. Wish me luck!

4. NYC is literally around the corner, less than 40 days away *Jumping up and down*. I honestly can’t wait! 5 days with 3 of my closest friends sounds perfect right now. All I can say is… SHOPPING. I can’t wait to explore New York and literally feel as though I’m a member of the Sex & The City foursome or the Waldorf family in Gossip Girl.

5. Finally, I think this month has been one of those months where a huge wight has been lifted from my shoulders. Although May has only just started, new and exciting things are happening and I feel like life is getting back on track after a rough year. Slowly, but surely!

What are you doing this May?



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