When it comes to fashion, there are certain brands that stand out to me in terms of aesthetic, design and inspiration. I’m heavily influenced by Parisian fashion, very neutral colours, lots of black, oversized shirts and plenty of layering.


A lot of my style ideas come from fashion brands that are bridging the gap between High Street Fashion and High End. They tend to be a little bit different with cat walk influence, toned down with high street/ready-to-wear culture. When it comes to purchasing clothes, I’m one for ‘saving for something decent‘. I rarely purchase clothes, but when I do I like to buy something special – and treat myself. I tend to go for items that I can just throw on with minimal effort to look good. Simplicity is key for me.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a Stockholm based fashion brand heavily influenced by art, architecture and contemporary culture. Acne has featured in many magazines and is well known around the ready-to-wear market. The brand thrives off attention to detail, developing their own custom fabrics, emphasis on tailoring and creative use of materials.

In terms of advertising and marketing, Acne tends to take a step away from traditional methods and focuses on their social media and their bi-annual magazine, Acne Paper. Acne Paper covers all disciplines from fashion, music, art, culture, education and photography – expressing their influence and design. I’m obsessed with their small leather goods and looking forward to purchasing a new wallet in NYC next month.





I found my love for APC in Paris 2 years ago. The brand screams Parisian culture and style, with their ready-to-wear, simplistic and clean clothing. Their range is minimalistic yet exploratory in terms of material, texture and design. APC also have an amazing selection of accessories from leather goods to the finishing touches to an outfit.


APC are known for their quality of denim. Their thick, denim jeans are an iconic product in their catalogue known for its rustic fade and slim cut fitting. APC aim for a loose, comfortable fit – two attributes I look for in my fashion choices. There’s nothing worse than clothing that feels like you’re wearing a latex glove – breathable comfort is ideal for day to day life.




Similar to APC, COS strive for minimalism, neutral tones and simplicity. Their modern clothing range revolutionises the idea of premium high street fashion. Again, this was a brand I discovered on my tip to Paris and everything from their store atmosphere, revolutionary fashion and timeless pieces made me love this brand from first sight.

Their aim for design is essential clothing, applying architectural elements and concepts into their design. My favourite items of clothing from COS are their simple t-shirts. You can feel the insane quality and feel of the product itself knowing it will last years and years.



Probably saving my favourite till last. If my whole wardrobe was Reiss, my life would be made. Their wearable fashion screams everything I love in clothing. Their attire is very ‘the modern man’, using neutral and mono-chrome tones in the majority of their line.

Reiss also have a wicked Instagram, Twitter and blog that I read on a daily basis. From style tips, fashion advice and what’s happening in the public eye… you name it it’s on there.

What are your favourite fashion brands?


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