Exfoliators are one of the most important products in your weekly skincare routine, but these days exfoliators are far from micro-beads and grains of sand… 

Chemical exfoliators were super big in 2014, everyone seemed to be loving them and social media was booming with new brand discoveries. For about 3 years now, chemical exfoliators have found themselves a firm place within my skincare routine, usually around 3 times per week. Today, I’m bringing you two that I think everyone should have in their bathroom cupboard! 

People also get really put off my the term ‘chemical’, but this just means it uses mild facial acids to help cell renewal, brighten and purify your skin! It’s a miracle if you ask me.

The benefits of chemical exfoliators are they are less harsh on your skin than a physical exfoliator, I always feel slightly sore and red when I’ve used one with micro-beads in, where chemical exfoliants do the job with no harsh scrubbing. They work by detaching the ‘glue’ that attaches dead and damaged cells to your skin! If you want to do some extra reading, typical ingredients found in chemical exfoliators are salicylic acid, lactic acid, enzymes and retinol. 

The first one on my list is the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner. This super soothing lotion helps remove dead skin cells, preparing your skin for the evening routine. I tend to use this product around 2 times a week, just to take away any dead skin and grime that my usual cleansers and can’t do. To apply, simply use a cotton pad, wipe or dab around your face and neck avoiding the eye area as it’s quite sensitive around there. Leave on your face for around 1-2 minutes before continuing your skincare, to allow the product to sink right into your skin. This product also helps prevent wrinkles and protects the skin by encouraging cell renewal! This toner contains fruit acid to help break down the day’s grime and dirt. 

The second exfoliant is one by Pixi Beauty called Glow Tonic. This cult classic is home to probably about 90% of beauty bloggers, and for good reason! The solution is designed to oxygenate and brighten your skin using ginseng and fructose. This solution removes dead skin cells while toning and firming your skin, leaving it super radiant and youthful. I’m literally on my third bottle of this and as you can see by the photo… currently coming to the end of another *cry face emoji*. Again, use a cotton pad to wipe or dab around your face and neck avoiding the eye area, and I’ve also found this is gentle enough to use once every other day. Marvellous!

These two products are amazing and if you feel like introducing one into your routine, click the links above and up your skincare game!

What are your favourite exfoliators?

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