Oh yes, it’s that time of year where The Body Shop releases a bunch of spring products and considering this year is the year of all thing’s skincare for TBS, I’ll be the first in line to see what’s new!

I literally don’t know where to begin, so I’ll start with a release that isn’t brand new but has flew off the shelves since the launch. The Vitamin E skincare range had a fabulous face lift for Mothers’ Day, incorporating British heritage into the collection. A complete packaging redesign brought a feminme touch which appealed to the mature market,  as the range is aimed towards people needing a little TLC for their skin. Vitamin E is ideal for skin that has been damaged through the effects of UV rays, ageing, pollution and even cigarette smoke. I’ve loved this range for so long and my favourite product remains to be the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. I’m a sucker for an overnight facial oil and this one acts as a serum and oil in one (hence the name).  You can check out my review for this here

Moving on from this range, I am obsessed with their brand new British Rose Collection. I actually received a wonderful hand massage using some of these products. Now when it comes to rose scented products I’m very particular. They have to smell super nice for me to like them and by gosh, these products smell wonderful! They actually have a real subtle scent and nothing too overpowering. As always, the range comes in a hand cream, body butter, shower gel, bath foam, soap, body scrub, perfume and body essence so you are literally spoilt for choice! Their shower gel now has a home on my bath side for my evening baths. 

When talking to the manager about what’s new in store, she explained how the packaging for the cult classic Hemp Hand Cream had changed to this gorgeous limited edition design. It was designed by a street artist called EINE, who specialises in Typography. He came up with this design to educate people in the change Body Shop are making in the world, as £1.50 of each purchase is donated to The Body Shop Foundation putting back into the planet what they take to create these products. Amazing concept right?

Another brand new launch is The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensively Revitalising Sleeping Cream. This acts as an overnight facemark that intently hydrates and nourishes your skin leaving it plump and rejuvenated by morning. I was so excited to hear about this because I adore this range and their moisturiser and facial oil are a firm staple in my daily skincare routine. Simply apply this at the end of your skincare routine and head off to bed! Try to avoid sleeping face down otherwise the cream will rub off onto your pillow and not get to work on your skin. You may be asking, does this stain your pillow? The answer is no! Not one bit. Below is how I’ve been incorporating it into my routine!


Now to even more exciting news. The Body Shop have launched a brand new skincare range called Drops of Light. This range is designed to reduce redness, uneven skin tone and makes your skin look much more luminous. It does this by using Red Algea and Vitamin C to give your skin super hype and improve your complexion. I actually had the chance to get a facial using this range, and once I’d left The Body Shop, the lady in the Kiehls store actually commented on how ‘nice’ my skin was! My favourite product from the range is by far the Brightening Serum. This sinks straight into the skin without leaving your feeling sticky or anything heavy. I’m planning on writing a whole separate review for this product so watch this space!!

More to look out for in your next visit to The Body Shop is their brand new packaging on almost all of their skincare catalogue! They’ve revamped the bottles, tubs and tubes giving it a more clinical, minimalistic and consistent look across all ranges and products. I love it, and I really think it takes The Body Shop into a more upmarket position in the industry! 

An Essence Lotion has also been introduced to the Drops Of Youth range,  after such high popularity from the original Oils Of Life lotion. Something definitely on my ‘to try list’.

So much new stuff in The Body Shop this spring, and I am so excited to see what else is coming to the shelves this year! Make sure you pop into The Body Shop Metro Centre (can I just say this is one of their brand new super stores!) and see what’s new! Don’t forget, they offer free facials and makeovers so don’t be afraid to ask!

What are your favourite Body Shop products?

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