When I was thinking about writing this post, the idea of it became very negative and that isn’t the message I’m trying to put across. Let me explain…

I’m one of those people who do a pretty good job at ignoring hate or unsuitable comments. People who give hate do it usually because of one of two things. They’re jealous, or bored. And I don’t have time for either of those types of people. I’ve read a lot of bloggers content based around these topics and how this growing topic of blogger hate is increasingly expanding.

The other day, someone made a comment to me which kind of touched a soft spot. Let me set the scene. Firstly it’s worth mentioning this person was from a ‘digital affiliate marketing’ background, and secondly I was one of their clients. This person made the remark “I bet you love free stuff, living the life you bloggers are. I think I’ll just set up a blog so I get loads of free shit” (in a pretty smug attitude). To be honest, I get this comment far too often. Some may think this is completely innocent and the person probably didn’t mean it in an offensive way, it got me thinking. Free stuff? Is that what people in the industry are calling it these days.

Press samples are something I’m forever grateful for, no matter how big or small. When a brand comes into contact with me for whatever reason, I feel completely honoured that that person on the other end of the email considers me as an influencer they want to work with. Yes, a lot of these emails are requesting a product review/sponsorship, and a sample to be given. But 4/5 times, I will say no. Not because I’m ungrateful, but due to the relevance of my blog and my target readers (what’s the point in reviewing a kitchen pan on a skincare blog? Do you see where I’m going with this? Now going back to the comment that person made, what got to me most was as if he was saying these samples simply fall on my lap. Fellow bloggers will understand, that blogging isn’t just writing and clicking the publish button, but a whole operational process.

Take a skincare product for example. First off all you talk to the brand or representative, then review the product which I tend to do for at least 10-14 days, then take some well thought out photos of the product, then upload to your computer, then edit and tweak them, then write the review, connect with affiliate brands, then proof check it, then publish it. Then once it’s published, you promote it, schedule tweets, upload to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and back to the start again….. Do you see where I’m going.

Please, don’t for one second think I’m moaning about this, because this is what I do, and I love it! It’s my passion and the whole blogging process is what I enjoy most. I try to stay as close as possible to the brands I work with, to show my appreciation and I always do my 100% best for them. They’re awesome!

Sometimes people’s comments are noticed, and I think what people don’t notice is that ultimately, it’s a business. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. I blog because I enjoy it, not for money, not for ‘free products’ but when I do have these opportunities it doesn’t deviate away from the original passion , and the effort I put in is because I love what I do. I love hearing from readers that say I’ve ‘cured their acne’ or helped them find ‘a product that actually works’. It’s an amazing feeling, and pushes me to create even better content. I love every single person who reads The G Edit, or works with me and the time you take to read my post or drop me an email, I value so much.

What are your thoughts?


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