I’m always interested to what’s next for Gillette razors, and I always ask the question, how can a razor get any better? Hold on tight…

After the launch of their Flexball Technology, this revolutionised the era of mens shaving moulding into the contours of your face to get the closest cut. This was fantastic! A closer shave with less irritation… how can anyone want more?

Now Gillette have developed a brand new technology that harmoniously works alongside Flexball for YES, and even closer shave with less irritation. It’s all getting all too much! Let me tell you how this works.

We’re all familiar with lubrication strips on your shaving cartridge, used as a contact for less irritation when gliding up and down your face and neck. The thing is, the lubrication strip is usually before the blades, but what about after as well? This is where Gillette have developed this brand new razor head that gives consistent lubrication giving a flawless finish. Matched with the Flexball Technology, it removes virtually every hair for a longer lasting, comfortable shave. Ladies and gentlemen, can I now introduce the Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor.


Features include:
• ProShield Lubrication BEFORE and after the blades shields from irritation while you shave
• FlexBall Technology that responds to contours and gets virtually every hair
• 5 precision blades provide less tug and pull for incredible comfort
• Precision Trimmer on back for accurate edging
• Cartridges fit all Fusion and ProGlide® handles

When it comes to razors, shavers and blades, I’m quite particular as I tend to suffer with really bad irritation around my neck. I break out in a red rash that lasts for around 3 days if I use the wrong shaving head. I can tell you all now this really has impressed me, no rash, no irritation yet probably the closest shave I’ve had from a Gillette razor. I think it’s down to the two lubricant strips acting as a shield between your skin, allowing the blades to glide in a much smoother way. All razor cartridges fit existing Fusion and ProGlide handles so if you’re happy with your old one, just change the head! It’s simple.

When trailing this product I used the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Shaving Gel, a perfect combination for the perfect shave and a much loved favourite of mine. I always seem to go back to their shaving gels.

Interested, well you can find out much more here.



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