Life is better when you know what to wear, right? However finding that right outfit is the difficult bit. I’d say I know what to wear and what not to wear, but I feel like my fashion style is becoming a little boring, and I need an inspiration spark.

Whenever I see a nice outfit, I try my best to think of what I already have stuffed in my wardrobe and drawers to recreate it. These days I tend to just stare at my cabinet, hoping an outfit will come hit me in the face screaming YOU’LL LOOK HOT IN THIS (it never happens), and creating these looks seems to be getting harder and harder with the clothes I have. Yes, I have my go to staple outfits that I know look fab, but there’s only so many times you can wear one outfit in a month. My last spark of outfit inspiration was the whole ‘capsule wardrobe’ idea (see here for deets) but no matter how many times I pulled out clothes for essential wear, I didn’t have enough.

Style is another thing that’s bothering me lately. I feel like I need a whole change in appearance. I kind of like the whole smart attire. I don’t mean full on tux, but trousers and shirt, trousers and jumper… basically trousers. I’m obsessed. I feel like the struggle for clothes is also impacting my outfit planning for NYC. I’m constantly looking through fashion blogs, magazines and Instagram accounts to screen dump inspiration. Yet nothing (affordable) has yet to jump at me.

What are your tips for outfit planning? Do you get inspiration from anywhere in particular? Help a bro out x


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