Facial oils are slowly becoming my favourite product in the routine, and to be honest show the biggest results. Recently I got my hands on one from Trilogy and let me tell you, this is right up my street.

The Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil isn’t just your average anti-ageing skincare product, but holds a lot more goodness in this little bottle. This ‘certified organic blend’ is designed to give you a healthy, radiant and nourished skin, recharging at a cellular level by increasing your skins natural elasticity. This then reduces and prevents wrinkles, uneven skin tone and boosts your collagen levels – all naturally.

So other than the claimed benefits, what are the ingredients?


Tamanu, macadamia and black caraway seed oils plus antioxidant co-enzyme Q10 help feed and renew skin. Glycablend™, a potent blend of chia, blueberry, strawberry and pomegranate oils, keeps skin supple and youthful. – Trilogy

So I guess the question is, does it actually work?

100% YES! Let me explain… Firstly to apply the product, put two to three drops into the palm of your hand then press into your face gently. On immediate application, your skin looks completely rejuvenated. It sinks straight into the skin without leaving that greasy feel some facial oils do, which means this could even be applied on the morning as well as the evening. Now I’ve tried this product every day for just under two weeks, and I can honestly say my skin tone looks much more ‘evened out’. I tend to get quite red cheeks and my skin looks a hell of a lot smoother in texture and colour. I have been using other facial products along side this, but for some reason I haven’t been getting as many blemishes as I usually do… this could be down to this facial oil working alongside other treatment products I’ve being using.

I always say, don’t be put off using anti-ageing products when your young, as it’s a lot easier to prevent aged skin than treat it. If you’re someone who hasn’t tried facial oils and is interested in purchasing one to try, this is the perfect starting point. This bottle is full of incredible ingredients that give fantastic results, to me it’s a no brainer! Click here to find out more!



What are your favourite facial oils? I’m always on the hunt!




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