A lot of the products I talk about tend to be uni-sex and designed for both men and women, but when I discover a mans skincare ritual that’s both simple to do and effective on the skin, I literally can’t wait to check out the results for myself..

After blogging a number of years and conducting extensive grooming research into products and brands, you tend to notice a pattern with men. They don’t like fuss and they want instant results. Hard to please, maybe? Well I have something today that may have just ticked both these boxes. Men are so much more concerned about their appearance in todays modern age, brands are pushing ‘male orientated products’ literally in their faces, and I have a three step routine that will suit every mans grooming needs.

One regime that’s worth the push is this little 3 step from Avene. Avene is a french skincare brand I adored during my time in Paris, and I was always keen to learn more about what the company had to offer. Putting simplicity and effectiveness into consideration, this three step system is the perfect solution to the male morning routine.

Firstly men like myself love to trim, shave and tidy their facial hair on a morning. To start off, I want to introduce to you all the Avene Shaving Foam. This lightweight shaving foam allows a smooth glide when shaving, reducing the chance of irritation and razor rash. I absolutely love this product. It’s rare you find a foam that actually does the job well and with my sensitive neck, preventing irritation is a priority to me. The foam not only acts as a contact between your skin and the blade, but it’s designed to purify your skin, reducing the risk of irritation and bacteria. This got me thinking, is this where I’ve being going wrong? Have I been getting irritation when shaving not from the shaving it’s self but bacteria? I don’t know, but what I do know is this left zero rash, burn or cut. Hey presto!

So you’ve shaved, you look clean and tidy. What next? Post-shave balm is the answer. A post-shave/after-shave balm helps protect the skin from infection, redness and dryness once shaved, and the Avenue After-Shave Balm does the job quite perfectly. This paraben free formula helps reduce the risk of bacteria, softens the skin and keeps it intensely hydrated. Hydration is key after shaving, as this protects the skin and reduces any risk of the dreaded razor rash. This in effect leaves a protective shield on the face and neck and trust me it works!

Finally, to seal the deal, the Avene Thermal Spring Water is the perfect product to leave you ready for the day ahead. Thermal waters are my saviour, but people presume they are only useful in the summer while bathing on a lilo. Incorrect my friends. Thermal waters are designed for purification, and harness many benefits for multiple skin situations, here are a few below:

  • Following a surgical procedure
  • Facial redness
  • Skin irritation
  • Sunburn
  • Nappy rash
  • Following make-up removal
  • Following shaving
  • Following exercise
  • Following hair removal
  • During travel or sport to cool oneself

The possibilities are endless! I tend to use this before I leave the house to give me that fresh (woken up) look I tend to need on a Monday morning. However, the main use for this is to spritz around my neck once I’ve shaven and I’ve found this calms my skin really effectively alongside my post-shave balm.

This three step trio has completely changed my shaving routine, and allows me to wake up in the morning without the fear of a red-raw shaving rash before work. I think I’ve found a winner.

What are your grooming essentials?




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