Relaxation is the keyword of this time of year. The day of LOVE is right around the corner and I have the perfect combination of activities to keep yourself or your partner relaxed all year round.

My usual go to items (for myself) is a good book, a cup of coffee and the smell of fresh flowers around the house. Simple and somewhat weird I know, but these things have worked perfect for years to keep me calm and content. The other day a little goodie popped through my mail box which I thought would be the perfect ingredient to create that calm mood for you and your partner… PLUS, has completely changed my perception of … shall we say aromatherapy? Let me explain…

Spry Candles are made from natural candle wax, aiming to protect the environment but also create amazing, sensual candles with exceptional quality. I got my hands on the Persian Rose scented one, a perfect home edition for a Valentines evening. Personally, I pick up hints of Amber with this one, a much loved fragrance of mine. It has a very subtle but intriguing scent that fills the room of multiple scents.

Here’s what the experts say:


Nestled in the Spry Mesmerising Floral collection is the romantic Persian Rose candle, an ideal mood enhancer to ensure that love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. The Persian Rose, a symbol of voluptuousness, accompanies enchanting notes of warm amber and mysterious musk with a hint of radiant violet leaf to sweeten the senses.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. It really does improve your overall feeling and is perfect for burning in the background while you and your partner are watching the latest movie on the iTunes store. 10/10 for setting the mood. All you need to do now is dim the lights, crack open a bottle of Rioja and a 12″ margarita.

On more of a serious note, aromatherapy candles are fantastic and cost free ways of winding down, especially if your lifestyle can be fast paced and hectic at times. It’s something I love to invest in and as a matter of fact…. actually works! In terms of packaging, quality glass, pale wax that burns evenly without that ugly dip you get with cheaper candles. The stainless steel lid also has a rubber insert which securely sits on top of the candle giving it an elegant appeal to it.

The candles come in four different sizes starting from £7 to £39, which I think is fantastic:

Large: 120hrs

Medium: 60hrs

Pail Candle: 30hrs

Travel: 20hrs

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What helps you wind down? I want to know!

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