Gianni the love Doctor is back and it’s almost Valentines Day, so preparation must begin. Today I am going to be telling you all my top budget Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your loved one, and how you can make a wicked date without the hefty price tag…


Do something a little different. Instead of having the cliche dinner for two, why not spend your evening doing something a little out of the ordinary. Go rock climbing or trampolining at your local sports centre? Hire a badminton or tennis court at a gym and spend some quality time trying to hit that ball at each other. Take a walk in your nearest National Park, or local woodland. Go bowling or a late night viewing at the cinema (no back seat antics, they have night vision goggles these days!)


Day Time Dining.

Restaurants and bars bump up the price for evening Valentine’s Day bookings, so why not dine during the day to avoid the hefty charges. Dining during the day also means you avoid the waiting time for food as restaurants will be jam packed, and once being a waiter myself, I can tell you now the service always slacks a little too. Check voucher websites for exclusive deals, saving those pennies means they can be spent somewhere else!


Pub Crawl.

Obviously depending where you live prices will differ, but going on a pub crawl as a couple is always fun and ends up an eventful evening. Be a tourist in your own town and visit pubs and bars you’ve never been to, or even take a taxi into a town/village close to you and explore there. Play pool, throw darts and share a packet or 3 of dry roasted peanuts.


Be Different.

Why not take your date to a local amusements. Take turns shooting zombies and playing air hockey. Take a walk down the beach, eating chips and curry sauce together. Build a fort in living room, and spend the evening sitting under it with a 15″ pizza. Buy a board game and test each others general knowledge in Trivial Pursuit. If you don’t want to order in, cook together. Buy some ingredients and try your best at one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes. Bonding over food is my favourite.


if you’re a total broke ass bitch, buy a Tesco’s own bottle of wine and take her to the bedroom. It’s a win win.

oh, and if you’re single…


I know these ideas aren’t for all people, but I’m easy to please. Maybe trying something a little different this year may be your best Valentine’s date yet!

I hope you liked this post!! Thank you as always for all the support with The G Edit.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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