Degree’s are huge. And I don’t mean in terms of your future and career, but life at the time when studying a degree. It can be a really life changing experience, and shortly coming to the end of mine, I’m beginning to look back and realise opportunities I wish I had taken…



Although I’ve had my fair share of messy night’s in the students union, a part of me wishes that I did it more often. Throughout first year and second year, I’d probably have gone out once a fortnight for a casual drink with my friends, but at our students union there are events every day of the week. Why did I not go to these? Monday night quiz, karaoke Thursday… I really wish I’d spent more time socialising at these events instead of sitting at home. I feel that student evening’s are the perfect opportunity to meet new people and enhance your student life. I get told constantly that it’s something that you’ll miss once you’ve gone and I’m starting to believe it’s true.


Last week I started my first ever placement in Marketing, and I love it. Conducting competitor analysis, media intelligence reporting and planning zero budget social media campaigns for a local college is right up my street. It gets me wondering though, and makes me wish I had took the plunge into setting one up two years ago. My friends at Uni have done placements throughout the three years, but for me I always sat back and said no to opportunities, which I now regret so much. My advice to anyone who has the opportunity is TAKE IT. You learn so much from them, and get a real outlook into the real world (which is a hell of a lot different to academic theory trust me).


During Uni, I’ve been super boring and never joined a club or society. At Teesside, there are sooooooo many different extra curricular groups you can join, and even if it was the Wine Tasting Society I’d signed up to. Wine 4 Lyf.


People say that reading is very cliché when it comes to Uni, but I’m starting to regret not getting my head stuck into a book. In all honesty, first and second year I didn’t pick a book up once. All my references were online or made up (due to utter laziness), and now I’m wringing a dissertation, shit has got way too real. I feel that reading in first and second year would have given me the knowledge and experience to make my dissertation a lot easier now. Silly Gianni *banging head against the wall*.

Moved Away?

A constant ‘if, but, maybe’ of mine. Would moving away have given me a better University experience. Sacrificing money, my job and my car for the student life? I don’t know, but I always wonder what position I would be in if I had taken the decision to move away. Would I have a better education, new opportunities I haven’t had here at Teesside? Who knows.

What are the things you wished you’d have done at Uni?

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