I have the perfect scent for you all, ready for Spring 2016. I love this season because the cold (attempts) to go away, the leaves start to get back on the tree, and it’s acceptable to dig out all my fresh scented candles and fragrances…


Noble Isle have an amazing new collection called Willow Song, and today I’m going to be talking about three out of this collection that I think are perfect Spring treats for yourself and your home. The collection has a subtle, fresh scent that comes from the top notes of rose petal and ivy. I’m a bit picky when it comes to rose scented products but this one is a lot different to the ones I’ve smelt before. I think it has something to do with the base notes of cederwood and musk, balancing the sweetness to the woody scents in this product range. Heart notes of watermelon and lilly give it that fruity touch which I think is the after effect of this product, that you can smell a few hours later from using the shower gel or the body cream.

Moving on to the product themselves… 

I’m in love with the Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gel’s, they are probably what I use 90% of the time. They last a ridiculously long time, emulsify into a velvety lather and smell god damn good. I love the simplistic packaging and easy to use pump action applicator. This is super soothing and aromatic, making your shower or bath experience a hell of a lot more therapeutic, as there are various aromas coming from this little bottle. It also looks epic sat on the side of your bath tub!

The body cream is a product I’ve never tried from Noble Isle, and again, they’re something I’m quite picky for. I don’t like body creams that are too thick or too rich that feel like they are sat on your skin all day. It makes me feel greasy and uncomfortable. However, the Noble Isle Willow Song Body Cream does nothing of the sort and sinks in immediately. Again with willow bark and lily, this helps sooth the sink in a natural way, using amino acids and essential minerals to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

Finally, the third product I got my hands on was the Noble Isle Willow Song Candle. And you guessed it, I loved this too. I’m an absolute sucker for candles and Noble Isle luxury fragranced candles are high on my list of favourites. They are affordable, yet luxurious in quality and scent. They last for hours and hours and burn very beautifully. Noble Isle candles are hand made here in England, using a fine combination of wax, wick and fragrance. Perfect!

So what are your spring fragrances and products? I want to know!


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