If you haven’t already noticed on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook I have booked tickets to New York City (firework emoji here**), and when I have a holiday booked, my lustful mind goes into overdrive, bringing together all sorts I could buy, here’s a few things on my wish list….

I’m heading off to the states this Summer, but unfortunately I salute to fashion over comfort and I am wanting a gorgeous coat I can strut my stuff in up and down the avenue. I saw this amazing Zara Grey Jacket that’s longer in length than my usual go to type. I love the material and how it can go with almost any outfit. This is a must have on my list! To go with this outfit, I saw these amazing Zara Black Monk Shoes. This would be the perfect combination and I have been wanting a pair of monk strap shoes for such a long time now. They also have brogue detail making them elegant and classic. YUM.

To complete any outfit, you must accessorise. I came across this Larsson and Jennings Metal Anthracite Watch, and isn’t it just incredible. I love a simplistic design that has a classic touch, and this just ticks every box. I love the brushed metal appearance with it’s minimalistic face. I think it’s the colour white in all honesty, I just love it. All white everything. To complement the outfit, and since it is summer, sunglasses are a necessity. I have also wanted to get my hands on a pair of Rayban Clubmasters for soooooooo long. I already have a pair of traditional Wayfarer’s which I’m in love with, but I fancy a change. Club masters have an elegant semi-rimless frame with gold detail. 

Finally because I love smelling delicious, I want to complete the look with a spritz of Byredo Mister Marvelous. Byredo fragrances is something that has sat on my lust list for too long now and I must invest in this brand. I’m quite a fragrance fanatic and this may just have to be the next on my shopping list. With notes of black amber, bamboo and mandarin, this sounds right up my street that will sit perfect along side my Tom Ford and Jo Malone favourites.

Are you going on holiday this year, and where to?

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