Diptyque is a brand that I have forever loved. They are renowned for their impeccable quality in their candle design, and unique taste in fragrance. Only recently have I now discovered, they nail shower gels too! Come on Diptyque, is there anything you cant do?

I got this bottle of Diptyque Revitalising Shower Gel as one of my Christmas presents, and I was beyond excited to try it out and see what it was all about. The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous, statement packaging with the all white design with classic Diptyque art work for the label. I also love the glossy twist top on the bottle to allow the product to come out. It just makes everything cleaner and more elegant when using it. It has a thin, honey like texture that emulsifies easily, and smells delicious. You notice the bergamot straight away as soon as it leaves the bottle with fruity/fresh aromas. The best thing about this product is that it can be used on body and hair, and also helps hair to restore volume and keep it looking shiny/healthy. This is done by the use of almond oil and wheat extracts, as a natural root booster helping to repair damaged hair simultaneously. 

What really wins me over is the fragrance of this. It has a rustic touch to it which makes the smell so addictive and elegant. If you’re wanting an all in one luxury bath/shower/hair product, this is the one for you. I even tried pouring a little bit of this into running bath water and it makes an awesome bubble bath. At a pricy £26, this is definitely up their in the luxury market, but you only have one body so I am more than willing to splurge on an amazing product like this.

What’s you’re favourite Diptyque product?

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